Airbnb Needs to stop Changing User Interface Every Month.

Airbnb Needs to stop Changing User Interface Every Month.

Seriously, Airbnb, the frequency of your user interface updates is becoming a real challenge for your users. Just as we familiarize ourselves with features like the calendar function, you implement changes, making it difficult to keep up. This constant cycle of modification has reached a point where essential functions, such as the snooze button for listings, are hard to locate, disrupting our workflow and efficiency. 

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@天成0 So true. You have to wonder if it is change for the sake of change or if there is some master plan to get to a better site. I fear the former. I would love to see Airbnb's change control process.

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@Mike-And-Jane0 @天成0  I could not agree with you both more. As the old saying goes.. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it". I see this happening a lot, and not just on Airbnb. Please, no more unnecessary update. They do make running a business more difficult, and unpleasant! My time is too precious to waste!