Airbnb action say's having a mice and rat inside the unit I rented is not a problem.

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North Carolina, United States

Airbnb action say's having a mice and rat inside the unit I rented is not a problem.

Booked a 6 month stay in a Baltimore AirBnB, from Jan 1 2023 thru Jun 30 2023. On Jan 9th, picked up the kitchen trash can, I saw a mouse run from behind the trash can to the side of the back door. Contacted the host. She said "Oh no. May I have photo of its exit? I will have the contractor check the area. Can you tell where it is entering?"  I took pictures of around the where It disappeared.


I informed her that I am not wanting to stay there anymore.

Host response, 

I understand you desire to cancel with the appearance of the mouse. Is there something I can do that may help or have you reconsider? Would it help if I scheduled a regular extermination service?

Unfortunately, in row homes in the city connected to others it is difficult to guarantee these critters will never appear. If you want a greater guarantee o this you would likely need a place with new construction in a high rise or detached home further out and have no food out on any surface (crumbs, food not contained in glass jars, or trash in unclear containers).

I am happy to help trouble shoot and resolve things or help if there is anything I can do to change your mind about your stay.


On Tuesday Jan 10 2023, at 4AM, went to get a drink of water. Turned the light on, there was a rat on the table checking out the croissant in the plastic container. Sent the host a message immediately.

 Host response, 

Oh no! That's very scary.

I completely understand.

When you cancel. They may charge you a penalty. I will refund that manually on my end if they don't.

I have never seen or had a rat in the house....any house. I will have an exterminator come and do a full assessment when you leave.


Moved out on Wednesday Jan 10 2023. The hose agreed to give me a refund.

Host response, 

Good evening, I calculated the refund. It appears on my end that Airbnb charged you $1391.20 for 180 nights. I subtracted the cost of the nights you stayed (10 nights at $35/night) $350 from this to reach a refund of $1041.21

Once I receive payment from Airbnb and you confirm this amount, I can send a refund.


I cancelled my stay with AirBnB,  they charged my card $919.70. So, I paid $2164.70 for 10 days.

Finally got AirBnB to give me a refund of $645.00


Jan 13, 2023 message from host,

Hi Steve, Airbnb contacted me to share that you reported the issues related to your stay. As a result they have now taken over the refund processo I can no longer manually issue it. They will handle the refund process. Inn questions relates to the refund should be directed to them.


After having a couple of conversation with AirBnB, plus waiting. Got this message.

Hi Steve,


According to the host, 

I definitely did not decline the refund. I did however tell them that they have my permission to make the ultimate decision on my behalf and provide a refund as they deemed appropriate based on their policies. I am sorry to hear the final outcome was not what you expected but I am happy to hear that you are not still waiting for them to send a refund.

Thank you again for your stay. I do hope you settled comfortably elsewhere.


So I'm still at it with AirBnB


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@Steve3601 if the host promised a full refund on the Airbnb message system then if you contact Airbnb again and point this out to them then you may get what you were promised. The host is being very unfair and you should keep trying. If the message was not on their system then things will be harder I am afraid.

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