Auto message for same day check-in

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Garden Grove, CA

Auto message for same day check-in

Hi guys, I use the airbnb auto message feature and I have the auto check-in message to be sent out at 12pm on the day of the guest’s check-in. However, if a guest books the room on the same day of the check-in after 12pm they do not receive the check-in message. 


How can I get the auto check-in message to be sent to guests who book the same day but it’s already AFTER my 12pm scheduled check-in message.



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Hay Valley, Australia

@Ryan810 yes this is a small problem. so i have a saved message that I manually push through for a last-minute booking. 

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Honolulu, HI

Hi @Ryan810 , I am not sure if there's an option for that. What we do when we get a same-day booking is manually sent the check-in message, unit number, and unit door code. Hoping to hear some recommendations from the other hosts. 

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