Card being charged for a reservation I didn't book.

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Card being charged for a reservation I didn't book.



Today I was checking my credit card statement and saw that my card has been recently charged for a AirBnB trip I didn't book. I could not find a helpline number or email to write to AirBnB support directly.


Can somebody please direct my query to AirBnB Support to look at and contact me immediately? Following are the transaction details, I could see a booking id there to start the investigation.


Amount -1.437,12 EUR
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AIRBNB * [Personal information hidden]
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Hello @Aamir3,


Sorry to hear that that happened to you.

You should change the login password on your Airbnb account, contact the bank that issued your card and contact Airbnb customer service.

You can contact Airbnb customer service by phone, Twitter or Facebook as described here

and here Contact-Airbnb-A-Community-Help-Guide


Hope it all works out OK for you.



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Good Luck! I am going through the same issue and their investigation conclusion is based on the assumption that a family member incurred in the charges. they do not provide any of the charge detail information. I am taking AirBnB to California court to prove this is not my charge and they have to disclose whatever they have. It is so unreal for a company like AirBnb with this poor business practices

Unauthorized charge $561.11. No receipt no reservation no one has access to my payment method or Airbnb account. Airbnb claims no refund is owed. How is this legal?

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You can just call your credit card company and deny the transaction.  

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I am going through the same thing right now. Airbnb closed my case without an email or anything stating what had happened. No update they just closed my case. I booked an airbnb for 613 and that charge went thru. The next day I woke up to 3 charges from Airbnb for $2,283.38, $119.26 and a foreign transaction fee from my bank for $45.67. Airbnb is not doing anything about this nor explaining what they found out. They just closed my case. I contacted my bank and they said they will investigate and respond to me in 10 days. I am not sure what to do. 

File with your state Attorney General fraud bureau and

even if you cancel your credit card Airbnb’s terms of service permit them to get the new card information automatically from your credit card company. So unauthorized charges can happen at anytime this is the way Airbnb does business. 

I did the same after exhausting communication with AirBnB so called claim investigator which is frustrating that refuse to refund under the assumption that a family member made the charges and further detail of the transaction is given. I am submitting a claim in california court to settle this matter. Good luck!


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Hi @Linzey0 ,

I understand the frustration you are going through. Although I will be raising your concern to the related team, can you please elaborate if this happened after any recent stay at Airbnb? 

Have you previously managed to get a hold of Airbnb Customer Support through any contact channels? 

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My credit card was charged $561.11 on October receipt no record of any reservation on my account. No one has access to my payment method or account. Airbnb won’t issue a refund. This is theft.

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@Cat7264 don't waste your time with Airbnb. Report this as a fraudulent transaction to your bank and they will deal with it. As your card must have been compromised if used on an account other than yours they will also reissue your card and put a stop on the old one.

Wishful thinking. Credit card company refuses to refund charged amount. Airbnb will not provide a receipt for the transaction without a subpoena from a state or federal law enforcement agency. 


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@Cat7264 Then you need to find a new credit card company. I would launch a small claims court case against your card company. I don't know the rules in the USA but in the UK, as long as you haven't been careless with your security info, the credit card company is liable for fraudulent transactions.

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I had a fraudulent charge from Airbnb on 3/11/23 for the amount of $781.16. The reference # next to the charge is ***. I have not booked a trip on Airbnb since June of '22, nor has any of my family. The trip itself does not appear on "My Trips" on my Airbnb account,  and there are no other fraudulent charges on my Visa card, so clearly this is a security issue with Airbnb.  I have reported the charge to Visa, my card is locked and they are sending me a new card. Please look into this on your end, Airbnb! Thank you.


**[Reservation number hidden - Community Center Guidelines]

File a claim with the Wisconsin state attorney general for fraud and file with the federal consumer protections bureau.

Same here for me. A fraudulent charge not showing in my trips and AirBnB refuses to provide details of the charges. The so called claim investigator just has assumed that a family member made the charges. Very disappointed on AirBnB as company and very unsecured to have our personal information specifically the credit card. They attempted to do another charge but by that time I had locked the CC and did not got through. I am submitting a claim in court to settle. I think even a legal class action is appropiate due to business practices. 

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Hi Laura. I too was recently had a  fraudulent charge from airbnb for $807. When I contacted them and they looked into it.  I got an email the next day saying that they were unable to refund me because it "could have been a family member or close friend that used my card" and I needed to contact that person directly. But they did not provide me with any other info as to who charged my card. Absolutely ridiculous reply from them as they basically called me a liar. Not one person has access to any of my personal info. I contacted my bank directly and they are sending me a new card and looking into the matter. Airbnb was zero help and blamed me for the charges. 


Same response from Airbnb. This is theft.

Hi LeAnne, same here is very unreal to received such statements as final conclusion of the so called investigator of the claim. My advice is to take this matter to court to settle. AirBnB has to proof that in fact this has been the case, disclose the details of the charge and proof that is related to you.  I am taking this action as this is totally unacceptable. Good luck

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@LeAnne283 The last time this was brought to the forum the poster discovered they had put their credit card onto a friends booking in the past and had never removed it. As a result they were found liable for the charge by the bank (and presumably lost a friend at the same time)

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I have only booked in my name on my airbnb account. No one else has access nor have I put my info on any friends airbnb account. That's why I was so upset they accused me of it being a friend or family member