Declining Reservations - 30 character explanations

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Declining Reservations - 30 character explanations


I'm new to hosting under the Airbnb platform as I had used Homeaway so long ago. I feel like Airbnb's requirement of providing 30 character explanation for denying a client who wants to have a party at your home is excessive.  I also feel it is a bit juvenile to micro-manage a homeowner's explanation because there is a need to provide a word count. Another way to approach the process would be to provide options such as large gatherings,  unusual repairs,  and bad weather conditions. This would be great background analytics for Airbnb to obtain rather than simply stating a number of words. 


Any thoughts?


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Sorry, where are you seeing this 30 character word count thing as I don't remember coming across this? Are you talking about something in the listing description, or when you decline a reservation request?

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@Huma0  Declining booking request


@Josafin0  I agree with you 100% . You can fill it with dots -------------------- 🙂


What bothers me about pre-accept/decline messages is that it seems guests are notified differently about messages on a text thread vs declines. 

Too many times I received a booking request,  answered and asked additional question and then waited for their answer for 20+ hours to no avail. But, as soon as I declined the request the guest answered.


Why is that?  At least 90% of my declines were because guests didn't respond, the time was running out and I needed to open my calendar



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