Guest wants refund

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Guest wants refund

Had a guest that tried to get a full refund a day before staying. Then when they realized they wouldn’t be refunded they stayed 1 night and then request a full refund because it was “dusty”. I had my cleaner there the day before and she sent photos. How do I handle this? She doesn’t deserve a refund but I also don’t want a bad review. 

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When the guests tried to get a full refund before their stay- Was that correspondence on the Airbnb app? 
or did they text you? Either way you would have proof in writing! 

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Always make light of such devious attempts or potential confrontations with guests. A mere mention that it is 'odd' that dust was found since you had your most cracker-jack cleaning team right before their arrival would have sufficed in all likelihood to dismiss the attempt. Half the time we pretend not to 'hear' something silly coming from our guests (aka selective hearing).

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@Justin1778   No way they stayed!!!!!

You shouldn't be afraid to speak for yourself. Of course, you should be polite and understanding with your clients. However, if they are trying all kind of schemes, they don't deserve your understanding and kindness. Attach the photos you have and I am sure it will solve almost everything.

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Just reply with photos from your cleaner demonstrating that is not the case @Justin1778 

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Hi @Justin1778, Would you like to share with us how this situation turned out in the end? As Helen shared a tip, were you able to let the guest know why they couldn’t be refunded?




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