Possible Scam?

Possible Scam?

Hi, I am planning on travelling to San Francisco and I Havefound a offer that seems to good to be true.

The Link is **

My problem is that the listing is new and has no reviews although the host is a private one not a company but has 200 reviews from other listings.

That being said he has 4 other listings which alltogehter only have like 10 reviews and the listings are different buildings all across america.

I looked through a bunch of the reviews on his profile and only found 1 scam comment which stated that he was moved into a far worse apartment a day before he had arrived, and didnt get a refund or anything.

What do you guys think, is this guy scamming with fake listings or is this real?


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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Lars-Malte0,


After reading Linda and Mike's suggestions, I wanted to ask what you have decided regarding your trip to San Francisco. Are you considering other listings?


Please keep us posted.

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yeah im considering other listings, I told him my problems and asked for proof or anything to back up his claims since his reviews have gotten worse the last week.

He didnt answer any and then said that the dates have been booked already (they were reserved for me) .

Its pretty obvious that he was dodging a confrontation and my questions.

If you  have any recommendations for san francisco id gladly take them.

I would not go near that. There are too many other nice places to take a risk with that .. just book elsewhere. 

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@Lars-Malte0 to have anyone review saying they were moved to a different listing would put me off immediately.

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