Reached the max confirmation attempts

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Popovo, Bulgaria

Reached the max confirmation attempts

Hi. I have reached the maximum number of attempts to verify my phone number and cannot book a place. The message says "You've reached the maximum number of phone verification attempts for this account. Sorry about that. Please try again later." Can someone help?

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Solved! You how two options.


1: Wait 24 hours ( or more) for the website to reset your attempts. Not recommended because who knows how long you may have to wait, or that you have the luxury of waiting.


2: Use a different number.


Click on your profile picture and go to personal information. From there enter a different number. I simply went and created a google voice number ( took 3 minutes) and then I used that number, the conformation text came right through and I was able to get into my account. I think you can go back and add another number later, but this method works.





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Piney Flats, TN

No, the Google voice thingy, doesn’t work either. Air BnB had become such a POS.

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Rio Rancho, NM

@Airbnb has anyone bothered to address this issue?  This happened to me today, while trying to book something starting tomorrow.  I tried 3 different numbers, and the verification code failed each time.  Seems like everyone here is having these same issues with 2 factor authentication, and clearly there is a flaw in your booking process.  Waiting 24 hours is not a suitable option in most cases.  

Just lost my three month booking due this stupid 2FA implementation. Fix your ** backend.

**[Inappropriate content removed in line with the Community Center Guidelines]

2022 and still the same problem. This is ridiculous. Who thought that was a good idea....

It's 2022 and I'm facing this issue as well. Been trying several times but I haven't been able to receive the SMS and got locked out 5 times, so it's been 5 days. Contacted support but they told me to use another number. Searched for other solutions but so far they don't work 😞 

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Leimen, Germany

It's a very serious bug in airbnb and I see no quick workaround for that except wait and watch my booking lost. Although max allowed attempts is to secure platform from security breach but there should be a quick way to recover e.g., through valid e-mail or use different mobile number.


Funny thing is "Accepted Answer" does not work if you did not save any number on your personal info. 


FURIOUS right now, the APP froze which is why I had so many attempts and I dont have time to wait 24hrs to make the booking. TERRIBLE website. NOT good enough. So angry at this. WHY!!!!!

 why am i getting this "Please contact Airbnb support if you continue to receive this error." when i put my number in

Airbnb is soo stupid.  I literally gave up on this f'n site to book directly with the hotel instead of using this insanely dumb and frustratingly stupid f'n site.


Same thing happened to me.  I HATE this.  What the hell?

How can this be so frustratingly stupid?

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.


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Sayulita, Mexico

While I agree that Airbnb tech is some of the worst of any online business, guests could save themselves a lot of frustration if they opened an Airbnb account and uploaded all their information a week before they needed to try to book something, instead of expecting to be able to open an account and book something immediately. 

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Tokyo, Japan

Still having issues with the same problem.

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Palmares, Costa Rica

Just started using it and during the registration Airbnb has already frustrated and disappointed me with this bug.


Their support is definitively not 24/7, I'd recommend other application instead.

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Austin, TX

AirBnb - totally inept.  2020 - I also have this same problem.  Calling AirBnb was USELESS.  Rep could do NOTHING for me.    I think I'll try VRBO next time.

I'll continue the pointless conversation, what a $hitty system to make people wait 24 hours for another attempt, and "try again in little while" is really poor customer service. It should at least say "try again tomorrow." 

How absurd!! I entered the right code everytime and still getting this message. How am i supposed to book now before the places run out!? Very bad customer interface.

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Heilbronn, DE

2020 and still the same problem verifying phone number. Waited for more than 24 hours and tried again but still didn't work, still max attempts. I'm crossed. 

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Da Nang, Vietnam

Hi, tonight i encountered same issue, even i tried to use another browser (Chrome, Safari) also no point, but when i used ipad, then oke, Airbnb allowed me to publish my listings as final step! Before that, I tried to verify my Government ID & take selfie for Airbnb. You guys can give it a try

I just received all 4 four code, typed them in and each time app said code was invalid.  Now I am locked out.  Why would anyone use this!!  How do they even stay in business??

I'm dealing with this now too. The issue was because each time I entered my number to verify, the message never came through. Not until 4 hours later did I get all the messages at once, at that time I was already locked out. It's is an embarrassing failure of technology/design that legitimate system issues so negatively impact the user experience.

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