Scammed money by the host, after unbearable contruction noise.

Scammed money by the host, after unbearable contruction noise.

Stayed at Dallas for 5 days. Very next day, there was construction right above us which was unbearable. We contacted the host about it and decided to move out on second day of supposed 5th day.
For the refund process, we did contact the AirBnB. Meanwhile, the host asked us to 'change' our staying to 2 days so that the host can accept new guests. Turned out, this was how host can scam us.
In good heart, we granted the change only to find out the host scammed us by making our stay as "$500 for 2 days" and AirBnB will not do anything.
We spoke with AirBnB and emphasized about the host not disclosing the construction noise yet AirBnB won't do anything other than telling us 'due to our policy, we cannot refund the money.'
As 130k+ travel youtuber, AND 380k+ (and counting) people watching the video, more people will see what manner the AirBnB runs their company and how AirBnB condones host scamming the guests.
Unfortunately this event discourages us to use AirBnB as how their 'policy' would ruin our next stay.
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Thanks for all the chime in guys. I still have not received refund yet.

But AirBnB did contact us; trying to resolve the issue.


We cut our travel short because we just lost our trust in AirBnB and cannot continue our travel with possible same problem occurring in the future.

Hopefully AirBnB would do the right thing which would resolve our trust in AirBnB and resume our traveling.

Have you got your money back?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Galashiels, United Kingdom

Hi @Shawn719 


Sorry to hear about this.


I've passed your concerns over to the team, and asked them to investigate, before reaching out to you.

Someone should be in touch soon.



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England, United Kingdom

@Shawn719 the vast majority of posts regarding refunds are where hosts complain about customer service refunding guests outside of policy.

I wonder why they have, for once, taken the hosts side here. I can only suggest you leave an honest review of the host.

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