Stolen items from my air bnb

Stolen items from my air bnb

Hi all, it's the first time anything gas been stolen from my little apartment, 2 throws, some bedding a roll of bin bags an air freshener and just noticed 2 jars of coffee.  I've put a claim in with air bnb but I'm reading reviews here that I've no chance of this being paid out.?  I was actually on holiday when the guest stole the items and the cleaners informed me the next day, (this was 10 days ago) I've only just put the claim in as I only returned yesterday.  I'm reading reviews saying it needs to be done before the next guests arrive,, air bnb just won't pay out.. 

I'm sure this has happened before to someone? Could you share a little insight to what will probably happen? I've put a claim to the guest and they have refused. (I should add the guest actually let someone else stay there so it actually wasn't them who stole)  the total Vale of items taken is roughly £60.

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@David11805 Oh dear - I fear you have just guaranteed a 1* review for the sake of trying to claim £60. You will need receipts for all items claimed plus Airbnb will only pay a depreciated value so if the throws are not brand new you won't get much for them. Also I doubt the claim will succeed without a police report. Far better to add a couple of quid to each nights stay and build up a fund to ay for these minor issues.

Hopefully this guy won't fill out a review for me, he has only 2 days left to do so before the window closes. But isn't it sad that air bnb wouldn't remove a bad review even in this scenario.   I've not gone to the police about it, I don't think they can or will do much about it.    

Good tip to increase the price a couple of quid  to compensate for the missing items.  


The throws are just a couple  of weeks old.  Will see what air bnb have to say.

@David11805 Do review him though - Ideally at the very last minute!

I will, I think it's very important for other hosts to know exactly what type of guest we have here. 

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A couple of ideas:

If the person making the reservation is not the person staying, that should void everything. They have broken a major Airbnb rule. Please be sure to point this out to airbnb.

Moving forward, only leave out a starter supply of items. You should find a place to store extras/surplus supplies that is lockable. A cupboard or not used closet perhaps. It can be fitted with a clasp lock and a padlock so your back up stuff isn't messed with. I realize guests could take items left out but won't get more~