The Flexible Cancellation Policy needs to be revised or an additional category added.

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The Flexible Cancellation Policy needs to be revised or an additional category added.

I think the flexible 24-hour cancellation policy is too flexible for the guest by a bit.

For those priced close to the market where the market is saturated with offerings, the conditions favor 

the guest considerably.


There is a big GAP between Flexible and Moderate levels where the Moderate favors the host if there

are fewer offerings for the guests and there is little difference in a hotel fee and the custom Airbnb 

offerings of amenities and seclusion or other private features and options.


I think it should have a simple scale that rewards the host for being somewhat flexible to the guests

requirements but also gets some compensation for the cancellation... 24 hours is not enough time

to recover unless there is a huge demand for the unit relative to supply.


I think the host should get something like a 10% or 20 % fee per night to compensate if there is less than a 3 day notice

and IF the unit is not rented.


Something like this helps stabilize the market offering and allow for fluctuations it protects the host from

those who use the double down technique of husband and wife or partners to choose more than one place

and then decide what to do at the last minute.  I have notices a few husband and wife teams whose names

do not match, but how am I to know?  I am not the police anyway, just want to find some stabile income and keep

it flowing in a comfortable way.


It costs more to clean my offering to Airbnb standards than I can recover.  That is part of the cost of doing business

amid the times of covid.  Sanitation is just that.  Not less.



Any thoughts on this and how it may be accomplished?






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I agree with your comments.  We need to have a flexible cancellation that favors the host.

A flat fee plus a percentage.  All reasonable solutions to this should be reviewed as this is a huge global market and as we know now, not everyone is government is sincerely serving the people that elect them to office.  The serve their own agenda and a subset of people they convince to keep them in power.  Few appreciate the struggle and effort it takes to become a small householder and be able to offer good shelter with the amenities to compete with large hotel corporations.

We need a moderate cancellation fee to discourage slightly those that will book and cancel just to disrupt and irritate others.  We do not owe other access to our property, they need to pay something instead of going straight to hardball negotiations to lower the price by 30%... or else.

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Hey @Benjamin976


Some interesting thoughts there, thanks for starting this discussion! If you or others have more ideas and suggestions on what would be beneficial while remaining clear for all parties, do share. Were you thinking an additional policy in-between flexible and moderate would help then, and if so what would that look like? 🙂






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Thanks for the greeting from the UK.  Home of part of my ancestors.  I think that there might be a price for the booking.  $10 flat fee.  That is to pay the small time host a bit to look at the computer and respond.  Modest.  Perhaps even less than that but something.  Perhaps $2.00 would be enough.  Not the retail price of a beer at a pub.  Flexible 3 cancellation would  require a percentage in addition to cancel.  Perhaps $10 a day for each day of the reservation.  Maybe less, but something so that the host has some reward for keeping the room fresh until it is rented again.  So for cancelling 3 days before the potential guest would pay $30 US.  For disruption.  IF it is a late cancellation for a long term stay, that should be extended somewhat if there is a lower demand and the price point is accurate.  This will help keep Airbnb interested in representing the host as much as it does the traveler.  I have a Hilton or two in my contact list, but Paris no longer cruises past my eyes.  I hope she and her charming prince are quite happy.  They are in a faster crowd than me.  I ride the bus and the train for entertainment rather than a private plane.  Be well and cheerful this Holiday Season!  AnEcoScape npo founder.  This sailing "Eagle" is grounded.  JGD

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You are vastly more experienced at this.

I appreciate your reply.


Moderate would require the guest to give 5 day notice and pay for 2 nights to get refund on the balance; if rented and no loss to the owner, then no fee, otherwise 50% for lost revenue.


I will change to long term rental agreement and MAY drop Airbnb.  Not blame to Airbnb, just the City of Los Angeles is a bit too liberal and against small mom and pop land owners... like me.  They are not blue but very DEMOCRATIC EXTREME LEFT.  Left of socialistic to the communistic side of the equation.  Kind of like Dr. Zavago.  (An old movie out of Hollywood that portrayed the Russian Revolution)


The big challenge here in Los Angeles are the regulations imposed on short-term housing by the City of Los Angeles.  I am only allowed to rent out 120 days a year for short-term.  And I am not allowed to operate more than 1 unit as I could have several due to the design of my building, but I would only be able to receive 120 days total income, and I would not be allowed to rent out 2 at one time.  We used to call Santa Monica housing regulations the incorporation of autocratic communist Santa Moscow as rental rates were held very low for many, many years.


Big developers control the field and little folks like me are referred to as "Mom and Pop" operators.


My City Councilman is out of the closet and also a lame duck.  He is no use as he wants anything to house the homeless.  The homeless can't afford my style and living and if they choose not to work, they can't afford it.


My solution will be to leave Airbnb and rent it out long term where there are other rules to control this small mom and pop (no mom), operator.


I will rent out the unit for about $5500 a month, and will lease out the rest of the property.  Goal is to lease it to a corporation for about $14,000 a month total.  They will take over the utilities and post a bond and there will be a long term contract and COLA increases and adjustments.


I will purchase a yacht and live on a boat.  Float above the sea level rise.


The other option is to sell at 3.6M USD  Invest at 7% AR.


I am next door to Loyola Marymount University.  The property can easily sleep 14 and has very wonderful features including 3.5 kitchens and 5 bathrooms in 3 Buildings.  Covered patio space to entertain and 5 outside garden bbq areas.  Handicap access ramps to all buildings.  16 kw solar electric, and 3 solar powered EV charging stations and off street parking.


I look for another country where I can surf and ski and speak English.


Uncle Ben


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Hudson, NY

I too have had many more last minute cancellations over the past year and I wonder why airbnb does not offer more options.

I would be grateful if there was a 48 hour or 72 hour cancellation option.

1 day is too short notice and 5 days is too much for my weekend getaway.

thank you airbnb for explaining to me why there are no more options.



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I was hoping to move to southern NY - in the banana belt... but you seem to have some of the same challenges to overcome there as we do here in CaliforniaCrazy LA.


Airbnb has called me, but do not offer much assistance, and the City of Los Angeles is not motivated to make any changes to support the small property investor.  They are into BIG SOLUTIONS only which of course just makes things worse.


I ask you, has the government ever really solved a problem?  That would be against the interests of government.  I used to work for the US Dept. of Commerce.  I retired.  I never saw the public win and I never saw government put itself out of business either.  And I think of myself as a liberal.  Ha!


I can say that overall the best that can happen is a sympathetic ear, do nothing and do not make things worse.


Figure out a way to feed the charities you most admire, and not hurt your family or anyone you love and care about.


Taxes and death are a certainty, and the government will get its cut no matter the pain or anxiety it might cause.


And children will continue to have babies that they have no ability to parent.


Total Consciousness.  That and Vedic Science.  Administration.  That is for those with

special interests and political clout.


I shave now and have not smoked weed in over 52 years.  Tempting just to bulldoze all that I have built here and put in some greenhouses to grow weed.  Lots of profit in that!


I checked, the city will not let me put in my own well!


Uncle Ben