What does 'Smoking is allowed' mean?

What does 'Smoking is allowed' mean?

I am going to book a listing and I am a marijuana smoker. I live in California so it's legal, but I totally understand if some people don't like it. The listing I am looking at says, "Smoking is allowed", but doesn't elaborate on any of their house rules. 


Does that mean it is okay to smoke inside or it's okay to smoke outside? 


I messaged the host but it's been a few days and they haven't responded. 


I'm just trying to get some clarity so I can book ASAP before it becomes unavailable. I'm booking this listing either way, but I just want to know if I should bring weed or not. 


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I think the biggest thing is any kind of smoke indoors leaves odor for days or weeks and is offensive to non-smokers or people who are allergic.  My rules say no smoking but in my additional rules I specify that smoking is permitted outdoors and I provide seating and an ashtray. 

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do you really think it's ever acceptable in 2023 to smoke inside any building that's not a cigar bar or some place with a giant sign that says smoking is allowed inside??? 

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Legit question!!!!

I believe it is a fair question  the woman asks since marijuana is a legitimate form of medication and many cancer patients use it or chronic pain sufferers as well as recovering from surgery and many other debilitating conditions. Furthurmore since weather may be affecting a visitors capacity to utilize outdoor space. And furthurmore since one of the main uses is for insomnia, it is very contra indicated for a person to necesarily have to change clothing and go outside in an unfamiliar place such as a high rise in NY in winter. This would require clarification for the user to make an intelligent and respectful or responsible choice. I found your response demeaning toward a women asking legit questions FOR THE PURPOSE OF OPERATING WITH RESPECT. Go ahead  do some research. People will Keep asking. I believe these homes which allow smoking indoors or even accomodate marijuana users for religeous ceremonial reasons as well may be a niche worth investing in. Many people also create healing experineces and I support this as well. For healing. Marijuana is for healing and should in no way be compared to tobacco. Nor should anyone be made to feel like their question is not welcome. Thank you.

@Mina787 When you send an inquiry to a host, Airbnb gives them a 24 hour deadline to reply before knocking down their Response Rate, which is visible near the bottom of the listing page. I don't recommend booking with a host who doesn't send a timely response.


"Smoking allowed" can mean a lot of things, and you're completely right to ask about it before booking. Some hosts in California may allow tobacco smoking but forbid Marijuana in their homes despite it being legal. But if they've done due diligence in completing their listing, their rules around smoking will appear under House Rules when you click the Policies tab. 

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Does the place show an outside seating area or a porch? If it turns out that you can only smoke outside, if it has an area like that, would it be an issue for you to smoke outside? 

I would think that if a host has indicated "Smoking allowed", but didn't specify anywhere that it was only to be done outside, it wouldn't matter, but of course it's never a good idea to assume things. 


Did you read through all of the listing wording? Clicked on "read more?" It might be mentioned somewhere other than house rules.


I would actually be a little wary of booking a place where the host hasn't bothered to answer your message in several days.