Why do guest get break house rules, lies.

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Why do guest get break house rules, lies.

A guest recently checked in. My house has a no per rule. I just spent $8k in designer furniture pieces, he is first to use them.  Guest sneaks in a pet and extra guest. I call Airbnb to inform them because I have a strict no pets rule and now with the new furniture I definitely won’t allow pets.  So Airbnb rep calls the guest and then Airbnb Rep sends me message saying “he said no pet”.  Well I immediately sent the rep a screenshot showing how guest says he does have pet and photo of pet because he claims the pet is crated.  
There is a no pet rule. Period. He brought pet hiding it, he lied to Airbnb rep saying no pet. I submit all evidence to Airbnb rep. And crickets. No response from rep. I thought Airbnb was intermediary. I thought Airbnb enforces it’s rules. They sure enforce it to the hosts. 

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No . Hosts are abused . Airbnb caress NOTHING about hosts. Get over it. They hate us. 

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I am so frustrated with airbnb help center. They never look out for hosts' rights. I had a similar case where the guest lied to me about the number of guests inside the apartment. I co fro ted her about it and she wrote me an awful review. I couldnt even get that removed let alone holding the guest accountable for lying to me. I keep getting redirected to another help "specialist" and they sent me the same ready-made reply without even reading my messages. 

Yep. They don’t care. I think they get brownie points for abusing hosts. 

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My heart goes out to you @Ezgi13  and all other new hosts. You figured out the newest modus operandi of late Airbnb exactly and to the point. Full of half literate "specialists" with no understanding or ability to grasp on the essence of hosting. All they can do is copy paste polite frazes. Functional disability seems like the requirement to get their position and a job with Airbnb. Magical 7 years ago when we started working WITH Airbnb over 90% of those specialists new how to use phones, they had basic understanding of the hosting, they were driven to solve the problems, not pass them to someone else, they were literate, polite, actually have supervisors with more knowledge and experience who help them if they could not solve the issues on their own. Now, all those years latter, we all WORK FOR, as there is no one there for work WITH them 😞 Shame on you, Airbnb.

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We've had a similar problem and Airbnb is unresponsive even after elevating our complaint.

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I will without doubt will confirm the quality of support and their effecriveveness went from 9/10 to 1/10, often the agents assigned are from call centers that are not trained that well and should not do this type of work, nor do thet understand complex issues that often experienced in western countries. Those are often outside the immidiate oversight of Airbnb HQ, which still retains professionalism and quality.

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I agree!  Lately, all the folks at the call centers that I have interacted with have not been or willing to find a solution to a problem.  Just blaming the host and blah blah blah! Worthless!

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I’ll bet it’s an ESA.  

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What support tasks do you think a monkey would help with @Lorna170 @to qualify it as an ESA ? 

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Pet monkeys are popular in some parts of the Philippines, and do provide a valuable service. They pick the lice out of the kids’ hair and eat them. (The lice, not the kids. But monkeys can be vicious little snots.)


Maybe the guest had a raging case of crabs. . .


I’d like to know what kind of a mess monkey-man left behind.

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You haven't heard of the term 'Monkey business, @Helen3? On a serious (well, as much as it can be) note, isn't it emotional comfort for its owner/handler?

@Louis1783 The default recourse you have when a guest breaks your rules is to terminate the booking and kick them out.


The monkey, though, that's a first. Maybe call Animal Control? 

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How do you terminate a booking and kick them out?

@Staci121 How would you kick someone out of your house if you weren't listing it on Airbnb?


It's the same process, but with the extra step of informing the listing service that you've had to evict a guest due to policy violations. In an emergency, it's better to get the people out of your house first and deal with the other stuff later.


If the guest is cooperative, you can avoid the customer service step by sending an alteration request that advances the guest's checkout date and automatically refunds the unused nights. The guest has to accept the change in order for it to go through, but if you communicate the stakes sternly enough, they might take in the message that this is the easy way to get some of their money back.


Whatever you do, don't forget that you're the boss of your own home. You don't need permission to defend it from people who abuse your hospitality - you just need to have clear boundaries and enforce them decisively.



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@Louis1783 That is heartbreaking. Poor thing in a cage by its self. How do you know its not illegal trade of wildlife? As guest aren't required to inform host they are bringing animals there could be all kinds of animals being smuggled like this. Unreal.  

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 once I put my glasses on I realize it’s a monkey. So I guess I’m a push over for a monkey so I agreed that as long as guest pays for anything monkey breaks. I’ve never dealt with a pet monkey before. This is really BANANAS🤪🤦🏻

That is just crazy!  Most hotels would not allow someone to bring their pet monkey. Airbnb thinks it is Okay if your guest brings a zoo!  Lately, we have no recourse and Airbnb has a huge image problem and they just keep creating all these new tools and not helping hosts and guests.  I think Airbnb had become a run away train.  

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@Louis1783 Ugh, look at it, adorable. But don't let that monkey soften your heart such that you don't leave an honest review for this guest.


Airbnb customer circus is useless. Handle all issues yourself.