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I am renting a Zeus Living property that is backed by AirBnB and they are in default of paying landlords.  Has anyone else experienced this issue ?  How have you resolved it?  I am being threatened with eviction and having my car towed from the garage.  I have paid over $14k and they are in default.  It's theft.  Help

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Very difficult to advise based on the information you have provided . Is this a booking through Airbnb? If so contact them with evidence you have been evicted @Jennifer4324 

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England, United Kingdom

@Jennifer4324 Airbnb doesn't 'back' any properties. I think you need to explain your predicament more clearly.

See response below.

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Helena-West Helena, AR

Sorry, we don't have access to those full stories.

-Are you currently renting one of the properties through air bnb and it is shutting down ? If so, contact air bnb to see what your options are.

-If you are living in a property that is being cleared/evicted, it sounds like it's time to find out if you have any rights to remain on the premises. Find a local lawyer or ask the city office for further info.

-Or did you invest into a company that is now bankrupt ? Again, you likely need a lawyer to walk you through this process.

If it was "backed" by air bnb, that would mean they invested in it, too. Contact the head office to see what the next step is.

Sorry this is happening to you ! Best wishes~