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    My credit card was used to make fraudulent reservations worth over $1400 at AirBnb. They repeatedly tried to tell me that either I had made the reservations or that they were made by family or friends who had access to my credit card (none do). I have co...
    Booking Made for March 15-19th.Total payout would have been $5491.56.Guest Profile instant booked. Profile had 2 previous 5 star reviews. Communicated with guest throughout the reservation. No red flags. Guest left me a 5 star review and I did the same. ... Latest reply by Mike-And-Jane0
    Well I am new here . I am doing my best to get bookings and give as much as possible norms in my listing . Even I gave fast response to last 4 booking . Can someone suggest how to get more bookings faster ? Because I really want to do something here Latest reply by Bhumika
    A few moment ago we received an email from Airbnb stating: “We’ve noticed this reservation xxx doesn’t appear to be legitimate. As a result we have canceled the reservation and refunded the payment”I then check the reservation and the pay out is £0. Ie no... Latest reply by Susan1188