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    I am pretty New on Airbnb, we have had 4 guests so far over a 12-month window. And each seems to be random. We have done everything Airbnb suggests to optimize our listing and more except run ads. When we search while logged out and go pretty specific on ... Latest reply by Charles224
    Well I am new here . I am doing my best to get bookings and give as much as possible norms in my listing . Even I gave fast response to last 4 booking . Can someone suggest how to get more bookings faster ? Because I really want to do something here Latest reply by Bhumika
    A few moment ago we received an email from Airbnb stating: “We’ve noticed this reservation xxx doesn’t appear to be legitimate. As a result we have canceled the reservation and refunded the payment”I then check the reservation and the pay out is £0. Ie no... Latest reply by Susan1188
    Has there been a change to the guest booking side in the past week? I've had the last 3 guests all tell me they are wanting to check in around midday. This is so tedious, as now I have to respond to them all politely pointing out my check-in time and if w... Latest reply by Mariann4
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    I have just started hosting and am expecting my first guest on Monday but someone else just auto-booked the double room for December with their wife and 2 year old child. I'm not really sure whether the apartment is suitable for young children but I w... Latest reply by Huma0