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    Hi everyone I'm new to hosting with my little cottage being listed for the past 3 months. I want my guests to enjoy a 5 star stay so I take particular care with my bedding and I iron my linens. My friends tell me I'm crazy and some that are also hosts... Latest reply by Angela2524
    I am now already in a +10 day discussion with Airbnb on an issue of available days that are being switched to ' not active' in the calendar, at a frequency of 1 per day, every day. The Airbnb manager and VRBO ** is ignoring the seriousness of what's goin... Latest reply by Helen744
    This question pertains to the search for distinctive and budget-friendly lodging options during travel, with a specific interest in staying in a local's residence. The individual is seeking guidance on discovering accommodations that offer a more authenti... Latest reply by Kitty-and-Creek0
    Hello there. I’m a new host and have been reading all the informative posts on here. My space is a private guest house with kitchen. I have a mini fridge in the space that I put waters in. Are there any other must haves I should put in there? I leave snac... Latest reply by Kitty-and-Creek0
    Hi been a host on Airbnb since 2012 and super host since the time of inception of the program. In all these years I haven’t faced any issue with bad behavior however unfortunately my current guests have crossed the line in many ways. For nearly a month no... Latest reply by Adita0
    I hosted a guest who didn't get a chance to write a review within the 14 day normal period. He enjoyed his stay very much and would like to write a review now that he has returned home. I know the general rule is 14 days, but there must be a way for a g... Latest reply by Priya215