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    I am now already in a +10 day discussion with Airbnb on an issue of available days that are being switched to ' not active' in the calendar, at a frequency of 1 per day, every day. The Airbnb manager and VRBO ** is ignoring the seriousness of what's goin... Latest reply by Helen744
    I have been a host for 12 years and I have never had a guest ask for a refund for inconvenience. In spite of my advise for her to contact airbnb during her stay, as I had no experience in handling this, she waited until after the stay. She is not covered... Latest reply by Anne-Jeannette0
    Dear community,wanted to bring to your attention one of many occurrences where airbnb support lately arbitrarily chose to fully refund a guest that had relatively small issue:guest checks in, notices stains on the towels, towels get immediately replaced. ... Latest reply by Dwell-AZ1
    Just a few weeks ago i had one of my worst experiences as a host, not only because of the stress and problems that the guest caused, but by the absolute negligence, uselessness of airbnb, I keep getting disappointed more and more by Airbnb. This is what h... Latest reply by Julie1409