key handover

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

key handover

Hi, I have a challenge to handover the key to the guests for few dates. DO you k ow of an option that a fellow host can take my key and the  guests can collect from. Thanks for your help in advance.



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Chicago, IL

@Manish83 are you able to install a coded lock on the door? That will illuminate the issue permanently. Alternatively, can you hang a lock box next or near the door? Is there a convenience store on your street that would keep it for a few dollars? If you don’t want them to personally be able to go into your house, you can ask them to keep a lock box with the key inside and give the guest the combination.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

No there is no option like that (unless you have a personal connection with other hosts in your area).


But you can pay a local co-host to  provide a service for you when you are not available to check in your guests. @Manish83 

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