military discount

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military discount

we have a military person requesting a discount because his per-diem is lower.  does airbnb offer any discount for military personnel?


i am aware i can give him a discount from my end but i don't wish to do that since my price is already discounted.  just wondering if airbnb would cut their fees.   



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It would be up to the guest to ask Airbnb to discount their fees, @Sunyong0, and it is highly unlikely. There are no company discounts for veterans or military personel or firefighters or pensioners or anyone really. Only infants and pets get a free ride 🙂

If he is travelling on a per diem for work, and it is capped, he will have to find someplace to stay that is less gorgeous than yours. 

Nothing obliges you to further discount your own price, as you have noted. 


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We don't advertise a military discount, but if someone inquires, we offer a 10% discount off the nightly rate. We will adjust the price before or after the booking. We don't get the request very often, but we are more than happy to give back to those who have given up so much for us. 

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I want to offer a discount to military and first responders as well.   I do not believe they can provide a copy of their ID before booking?  How do you adjust the price after they've booked?


Wow… it amazes me at how we fight for our country, some of us end up in pretty bad shape, and we’re looked down on for asking about a military discount.  YIKES…

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I'll discount my rate for my military family any day of the week.  does the leg work for vendors in vetting/confirming military or vets who may qualify for discounts.

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If I'm asked to provide a discount, what's an appropriate amount, and how can I verify their status? I'd like to do something but also wary of getting ripped off. Thanks! 

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The VA gives Veteran ID’s and some states like Texas will verify and put it on the state ID. If they are still serving they will have a military ID. ☺️

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You can ask for their active duty or retiree ID or a ddform 214 

I'm not an Airbnb person that owns a place, I'm one of those who rents, however I did 7 years Navy. Active duty or in uniform discounts are usually between 10 and 15% at the expression of the business or business owner and if you offer a veteran's discount it's usually 5-10%, again it is at the discretion of the owner. Sometimes it's only for certain periods of the year, memorial day veterans day, etc. Anybody who is legit is going to have either a military ID, a base ID (dependent, retired or disabled) or a VA ID which is strictly for the disabled veterans. Anyone who doesn't have an IG but claims they're supposed to be able to should be able to provide either a copy of their VA entitlement lawyer or let you see a copy of the DD-214 (this is the equivalent of a social security card to the military, please don't expect to be able to keep that one). If the person cannot provide any of those there's a good chance they're not a veteran or active duty.

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Surely there is military ID they can send you a copy of once they book, you can then offer the discount as a refund through the Resolution Centre. @Alexa29 

I was asked if I offered military discount. I certainly would when asked. I’m awaiting guidance from airbnb.  My family has been involved in military  since Korean War so I get it and respect.  Proud of being a military family and when I can will offer the discount.

I would like to offer a Military discount to show my appreciation. How do I do this on Airbnb? 

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I stayed at an airbnb in Florida that offered a military discount.  All they did was put it in the description and asked to message them prior to booking the room.  It was all still much simpler than using a hotel room.

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I think you have to do it before the booking is made with a special offer. Or someone has to cancel then re-request to book. I was looking for a way to offer a discount after the fact and couldn't find it at all. I'll probably just give a certificate to a local restaurant.

---> That's how I look at most guests, like cousins. And you know, some of those cousins are kooks.
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FYI- military personnel willing to die for you to go horseback riding, part time sailing, part time jobs isn't asking for a "free ride"... that was disrespectful. You could of just said no we do not. Dont need the disrespect

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Oh gosh yes ! ** inappropriate content hidden ** The military already enjoys tons of benefits from our tax dollars and we greatly salute them ! But they have been provided quite well and there is no obligation for a host who is making ends meet ! 



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“Military does not save lives.”
The military is very reason you have freedom to say such disrespectful and disgusting things. The absolute lack of respect toward those put their own lives in danger to defend your very audacious and ludicrous statements is absolutely atrocious. They don’t save lives? Have you met a combat medic? What about a corpsman?

”Benefit from our tax dollars”

Military personnel are on a fixed income, which is based on rank. Being a lower rank often means living paycheck to paycheck, even after pay incentive for things such as being airborne or duty pay. You want to talk about struggling to make ends meet? The average junior enlisted personnel with dependents makes less that $40k a year. What tax dollars do they benefit from? The average annual automatic pay increase is typically less than 3%, which is barely enough to even make a difference after adjusting for the rising cost of living. Most military personnel, on average, get paid less than a majority entry level medical positions.
What about veterans who spent time fighting overseas? Your asinine comments obviously depict you think the military is only good for fighting wars. So what do you think happens to them when they come home? It’s not all roses once they have to adjust back into society. The number of homeless veterans is atrocious. Do you think they benefit from your tax dollars?

You should be beyond ashamed of how insanely heartless your statements are. People like you are the literal scum of the earth. I hope you never have to experience such tragedies as those who have fought, or lost some one who fought, for your freedom to be so densely ignorant.

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As pointed out it’s not the lack of discount that was problematic, it was the disrespectful comment. I am a veteran and rarely ask for it, but thank a business when they offer it. Most military and veterans who joined to truly serve, won’t expect it. It’s not the way we are wired. 

Veterans are not nearly as cared for as you’d like to think. The veteran homeless population is high, due to lack of adequate care many die from injuries or commit suicide due to mental health crisis.

Military, doctors, nurses, firemen, police - all in the same category. They all work tirelessly in service to their communities and country.  All deserve respect.

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Have you heard of physicians in the military… please think about that. I hope you are not healthcare because I cannot believe how ignorant that comment was 

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