Hosting International guests is brilliant!

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New South Wales, Australia

Hosting International guests is brilliant!

I recently had three (3) Brazilian guys staying for 5 nights, two of which were working and living in Australia.  On arrival there were only two, I asked where was the third guest, they told me he was coming from Brazil tomorrow.

There first night they wanted to cook dinner, so I told them that's ok but they have to clean up afterwards. They told me that the dish they were cooking they eat every day - a traditional Brazilian meal.  

I always allow  my guests access to the kitchen, if they want to cook or prepare food.  They were very organised in there preparation - each doing their own well-orchestrated chore but coming together for the finale.

I left them to it,  I went outside and sat on my front patio, giving them some space while they created their traditional dish that consisted of black beans, rice and chicken with a very tasty sauce and kale.

A while later, Felipe came to the door and asked if I would like to have dinner with them,  I accepted !!   It was a very tasty dish, but I did refuse the kale !!

Next night they arrived with Gab (Gabriel), who was extremely jet-lagged and didn't speak English.   My first communication with him was with "charades" I tapped him on the shoulder and put my hands together and my head on the side resting on my hands, he responded with the same movement and nodding his head yes.  There are many ways of communicating, this was a way that was appreciated by Gab, a little way to show I understood how he was feeling. 

I  really enjoy having guests visit, especially those from other countries,  with different cultures, sometimes it's a challenge, but it is really worth it !!!

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Lyn, I'm joking 🙂 But really you had me - loved the story and down to last line I was waiting for something 'bad' to happen, and closed this with such style 🙂 Beoynd cliches - as as you say, there are lovely people anywhere and we have a lot to learn from one another!

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Hay Valley, Australia

@Bes175   Now jokes are censored too? What else did I miss? 

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Rawai, Thailand



I was waiting for you to tell they burnt the house down, 


We Thai's are very good at dealing with any nationality or currency, 


Apart from airbnb I have a laundry so all day and everyday I have to deal people from every where, one way or the other we can communicate,

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Toronto, Canada

Hello @Lyn100 ,


This is so lovely to read. Kudos to your kind and warm attitude towards your guests. Just like @Bes175 , even I was holding myself just in case there would be something anti-climactic at the end!😆 But you displayed that kindness needs no language! just genuine gestures and attitude are important🙌. Thank you so much for sharing such warm incident with us!


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