How do I complain about air bnb?

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How do I complain about air bnb?

Air bnb have been no support at all to me as a host.

does anyone know who I can escalate my complaint to? 
I’ve just had a really complex incident at my property. In short, a guest reported an accident at my property,

I tried to attend to help, but the guest was originally refusing access and became very abusive to me. I finally insisted I needed to inspect for safety reasons… when I arrived I discovered that their accident was a result of breaking into an unauthorised area, then realised there were 7 people instead of the maximum 5 there. 
air bnb have given me no help during the incident, air bnb didn’t tell me until the morning after that I could have evicted the guests, and have allowed them to leave me a bad review even though their accident was due to damage caused by themselves.

I’ll be packing this in soon, this platform is not what it used to be.

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I would call the police.



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Unfortunately, incidents like yours happen every single day, probably even hourly. Your "rights" as an AirBnb host extend about as far as the end of your nose. Sure, you can evict an unruly guest but guess what? They will make up a lie about how unfairly they were treated and probably get a full refund back from AirBnb, which depending on the absurdity of the tall tale, might even be taken out of your payment.


"Why, that's not fair!" you'll probably say. Oh, but you see, AirBnb does NOT consider "fairness or truthfulness" of a retaliatory review. As long as your guest does not blatantly extort you, they are entitled to talk about their "experience." But that isn't all. The guest will be allowed to slam you in a review and too bad if that low rating takes you out of Superhost status. AirBnb will not consider your side of the story, nor any proof you have to the contrary, nor the fact that you've never had a 1-star review in 5 years of hosting, etc. Nothing matters to them except the guest's side of the story.


Complain to AirBnb? Go right ahead. You'll be told thanks for being a great host and that your complaint will be brought to the attention of the appropriate team. In the meantime, you get to worry about every new guest, whether they'll be someone who actually respects your home and rules, or just someone who's looking for a reason to get a free stay, because guess who AirBnb is going to support.

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Hello, I had an incident too, I was able to block the guest via AirBnb so therefore no bad review.  They did look at the string of conversations pertaining to the guests, which I had no problem with.


Luckily I didn't need to call the police, but I would have is necessary.

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Yes, sadly, you cannot always rely on Airbnb to effectively help you out in these situations (although I hope you never experience similar again). Of course, it's always worth a shot, but you need to be prepared to tackle your guests if their behaviour gets out of hand or have some back up plan where there is someone to help you if you feel unsafe doing it by yourself.


Also, it's super important to vet your guests to your best abilities before they book. Have clear house rules, make sure the guest agrees to them in writing and ask them questions so that you have a sense of who they are and what their intentions are in renting the property.


I am not saying any of this is your fault. It's disappointing when Airbnb promises to 'have hosts' backs' and then does little or nothing to help.


If you get nowhere with Airbnb customer support, unfortunately, they do not have an official complaints department nor procedure (which to me is ludicrous and I don't know how it's even legal for a company operating in the UK), you do have the right to appeal to the Consumer Ombudsman or, if they are not the relevant one, there are numerous other ombudsmen so there must be one of them responsible for STR. We are not allowed to post contact details here, but if you search online, you should be able to find them easily.

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Hello @Louise1143 ,


So sorry for you to have gone through such an experience. Have you had a chance to connect with the Airbnb Support team through the contact page? If you need more assistance connecting with Airbnb for your issue, you can also look at this resource Guide: How to contact Airbnb. I hope this helps you to reach out for necessary help. 


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Sorry but none of those suggestions work for my situation or the person who started this Thread.  Hosts need to know how difficult it is to get help from Airbnb despite promises to be there for Hosts!

Hosts need to have assurances that Airbnb will actual preform when Hosts are in need but THIS IS NOT THE CASE!

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Sorry to hear about this experience, Louise.


But first I must say this [which I repeat often, and for many coming here] air bnb didn’t tell me until the morning after that I could have evicted the guests, [OP] THIS IS YOUR HOUSE, room, flat, property etc; final decision is always yours/ OURS. I fully realise is not easy [for few or many] finances, kids school to pay, mortgages etc and lately I read a pensioner [lady in USA] saying 'this was her only INCOME' 


...but 'over-reliance' on Aibrnb rules, insurance, support etc; has lead to many Q's like yours and higher in priority, even DANGER. We have had people  with threatening guests and 'we get carried away' telling them: 'do you have a male friend of cousin, call AIBRNB right away and so ...while the absurdity of our replies confuses people even more [who should know better] when there are only two answers: DO YOU HAVE A GUN, get it ready [countries where is allowed] and CALL the Cops/ run away fast if you can....[anyhow, rant over]


And in the end...'you will be packing this in soon' and it will be same results: AS IF YOU GAVE THEM THE BOOT, at 1st step.



1. Guest was abusive - here is where you evict, or ask him/her to leave. Document everything [all comms via Aibrnb] and tell AIBRNB right away.... . You did not open the home to HOST THUGS, but normal guests; treat him like you would anyone 'threatening you'  


2. Guest broke House Rules, he should not have entered any area that you do NOT GIVE permission. 


3. Guest committed Fraud [towards you, and AIRBNB] he booked for 5, brings 7 people.  


4. Remind them on the phone, stress it in BOLD during messages; it is exactly people like THIS; who bring more GUESTS [overcrowding etc] who most likely make AIBRNB get with involved Criminal Law; health/safety, parties with drugs, injuries and even worse.


Parenthesis; now Aibrnb is a Public Company, not everyone knows at this early level  they are more concerned about Growth than Finances per se; post-pandemic they are doing all they can; but so is the backlash growing, in several countries/ states, areas etc; and last thing Airbnb needs is 'potential criminal issues' Hosts in danger + aggressive guests [like ones you had] that should be banned ON THE SPOT. 


5. Tell them one last time, you will take AIBRNB to Small Claims court [apply online, they most likely wont show up, and get a well deserved £5,000 for damage and troubles you been through] but will gave them one more chance to rectify THEIR MISTAKE.


To conclude


1. AIBRNB in fairness, writes this down in several places but I WISH and we must make sure, is NAILED somewhere high up that each new Host know; his/ her HEALTH/ SAFETY, trumps everything. FORGET aibrnb. 


2. When guests become abusive/ aggressive and dangerous; think of Self/ Family and Local area first, call THE POLICE; an Aibrnb call-centre person [call him Ambassador or Rapid Intervention team] can not do much with best of intentions, being 15 countries away and via a phone call!


3. Whatever Aibrnb SAYS to us, and we to them, or sign down; is completely irrelevant in regards with Laws of Sovereign Nations; that remain supreme for each and every person Here and Out THERE.



I genuinely do not think you should leave, bad episodes are not that common but what makes it worse [to all] is Aibrnb delays, stonewalling, automated process, and sometimes IGNORING US. I do also BELIEVE, that while 'all should be treated the same way' NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE THE SAME; so AIBRNB needs to have some prioritising in THIS SORT OF SITUATION and make some new classifications; disabled, single mothers or single girls/ women, >75 yrs hosts and so on... a SORT of 'PANIC button' so their case will be Solved even faster,


But it seems of lately THEY DO NOT HEAR/ READ US.

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How do I save this wonderful advice to my host pages?

Lillians Homestead 

Colleen's Cottage in Te Teko and Kawerau, New Zealand. Would you allow me to have your advice on my pages please? Now that ABNB have insured us against all that can happen, your words give me such comfort. Has anyone tried their generous policy out yet, I wonder. No doubt we'll get another raft of orders if a host is successful. 


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of course I would allow it, is all YOURS and

you do not need to even QUOTE ME.


Next time, if you find something from me that you like - take it [unless I write TM, trade marked at the end, but then people know and wont touch it] Use Copy/ Paste/ ADVICE on 'common sense + SECURITY' 🙂


G.luck in N. Zealand.

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