can I give my guest a ride?

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can I give my guest a ride?

My town does not offer the best public transportation, and I want to know if I can give my guest a ride?

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Sayulita, Mexico

@D--Richard0  Almost all my guests arrive by air to the airport an hour away and take the bus to my town, so they don't have a car here. It is only a 5 minute drive from my place to the bus station, but a 20 minute walk, and my place is hard to find. So I pick most of my guests up at the station, and drive them back when they leave. 


I don't drive them around during their stay- it is clear in my ad that it's a 20 minute walk to town and the beach, so they are prepared for that. If I happen to be going into town myself, I'll ask if they want a ride.


I don't mention that I do this pick up in my listing, as if my car was on the blink, or I couldn't come for some reason, I wouldn't want to be held to it and they could take a taxi. I simply offer in a message when it's a week or so before their check-in, and make arrangements for them to call me when they arrive.


Also, it leads to good reviews, as it wasn't something the guests expected when they booked, and they think I'm so nice for offering this extra perk.


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La Quinta, CA

@D--Richard0   There are no restrictions in the Air BNB terms of service that restricts your providing transportation to guests.  It is not clear from your posting if you intend to provide multiple rides or pick up from air port.  Also, do you intend to charge for your transporting?  Is there no Lyft or Uber service in your area?  Your listing description emphasizes how conveniently located your listing is, so what is the experience of your guests so far in terms of transportation.  

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