Check out our new Guide to Inclusive Hosting

Check out our new Guide to Inclusive Hosting


Hosting on Airbnb means opening your space to people from around the world, and inclusivity is the foundation of hosting. 


The key to being a successful Host is understanding how to help make people from all backgrounds feel comfortable and at home. As a community, we’re committed to welcoming every guest—of any race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or age—with respect, and without judgment or bias.


That’s why we created the Guide to Inclusive Hosting, a new resource that features eight articles to help you understand discrimination, get tips and learn from other Hosts about practicing inclusion, and explore new ways to be inclusive while you host. These articles are just the starting point, and we’ll be evolving and adding to the guide as time goes on. 


By making it clear you welcome people of all backgrounds, you can help guests from historically marginalized communities feel comfortable and encouraged to book your place. We’ve learned from speaking with guests that people from these communities in particular look for signals of inclusion in listings prior to booking. 


Once you’ve discovered the new guide, we’re looking forward to hearing from you about how you practice inclusive hosting. Will you be updating your listing or profile now that you’ve checked out the guide? 

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Level 10
Fredericksburg, VA

Does this apply to hosts who home share and are disabled and are asked by Customer Service to vacate their own homes because the guests have stated they dislike "disabled" people? Or being asked to refund the guests and let them stay for free because they are so "put off" by the fact their host is disabled?

Or does this only apply to guests who play the "Service Animal" card to get their pets into "No Pets Allowed" establishments without paying Pet Fees?

Asking for a friend...

Level 9
Los Angeles, CA

Inclusive has always been my policy in life. I welcome everyone.  I guess it is the southern girl in me.  As a child and adult I hated bullies and clicks rather it be in a school setting on the job or and now hosting.  Clicks and bullies always single a person out because they are different.   I have always rocked to my own beat and dispise people who discrimated based on race, gender, financial status, careers, physical disabilities, etc.  It is just plan wrong.  Everyone should have a chance at enjoying life without feeling unwanted.

Level 2
Bodrum, Turkey

For me incl hosting are the comments my guests left about me, me being their local friend and show them an hospitality they have never experienced, support or help them to have a vacation without any trouble. When that happens, at the end of the day, most of my guest, I mean the ones who likes to interacts, gains a local friend and I gain international friends from all around the world. So to see the bigger picture I believe we must talk all these headlines to evaluate the concept of exclusiveness better. 

Onur Kağan Göçebe
Level 10
Huskisson, Australia

Inclusive hosting to me means welcoming people from different walks of life. However, I use instant booking and it has its limits as, I don’t have control of who makes the booking. Hence, I have to be open minded to the guest who have booked.

Guest details is often limited as it only provides a picture if it is a true picture and not of an animal or a capitol letter. The details often don’t provide an address of where the guest lives, town or state or country. Hence, one cannot be judgmental by the lack of information unless it is their name or the photo of the persons shape of their face or colour of their skin.

For me, my experience of my past life as a nurse over many years, I have had to be non-judgmental of people, accept who they are, where they are from, or their physical abilities, their capabilities, language, and their communication skills or their religious beliefs. I think this has prepared me for being an open-minded Airbnb host.

Our Airbnb cottage doesn’t have all the accessible facilities that could be promoted but I believe you should provide your best of what you have in your written or verbal communications.  I have found that guests or members of their family who have a special need, will message you prior to the booking, checking that your premises is suitable with this or that. Or is it okay if they bring an item for their needs and often, they will tell you the medical condition or disability their guest has. This is where communication is important, and you can assure them that your cottage is suitable or if not politely suggest that maybe they should look at another property in your local area.

What I try to bring to my style of Airbnb hosting is to welcome guests, understand their needs prior to arrival, be transparent with the cottages environment and communicate what it has and that it may or not be suitable for them.

Host Advisory Board Member
Achères-la-Forêt, France

@Airbnb ,


Thank you and the hosts who participated and shared their experience on inclusive hosting.

Those guide and advices are very useful to improve our hosting journey .


On accessibility subject, when we renovated the house, we couldn’t make much progress for wheelchair passage. I received a family with a blind mother and her husband managed to help her although I didn’t think it could be possible. We are not very good for accessibility in France in ancient houses!


Make everyone feel at home is important to me. Our family lived abroad during 10 years and traveled in many countries, it opened our minds. As borders are reopening, I have the great pleasure of welcoming guests from other countries and I do my best to understand their needs before their arrival .






Host Advisory Board Member
Malindi, Kenya

@Airbnb Thank you for the great guide.

I vividly remember when I told my mum that I wanted to start hosting guest  she said to me, “..Pam make a home that you would want to come to everyday” and that has been my motivation and driving force in my success as a host. Knowing that guest from all over the world regardless of their age, sex, religion, race when they book my house they are coming home. I may not always be home to receive them but my home is open for them. It has been an amazing experience connecting and interacting with my brothers and sisters from all over the world

Let love and kindness flow amongst us.


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