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Sweet moment today as guest checked out and we chatted about their next stop on their way home....she surprised me with this little gift she made. Some guests scatter kindness so freely and those moments are real joy makers. read more
Scattering Kindness
Latest reply by Christine615
I am an experienced Airbnb Superhost with 21 years in the tourism industry. In August 2020 I accepted a booking from an airbnb'er with 8 perfect guests reviews. He had agreed to our 'over 25 year old only, no parties, no same sex groups' policies. It turn... read more
Latest reply by Christine615
Hello everyone! The time has come for our third Host Talk! As you have taken part in a survey, we could see that the second most voted topic on the survey was the future of hosting. Talking points would be about post-pandemic hosting, and the futu... read more
[July 30th] The Host Talk - The future of hosting
Latest reply by Laurelle3
Did you catch the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday? We’re excited to support the athletes there in a whole new way this year. Airbnb is partnering with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC), ... read more
Meet our Olympian and Paralympian Hosts, learn about accessibility opportunities, and more in my latest Host Update
Latest reply by Helen427
Hello Everyone, I could use some advice. I am a 3 year super host with a 5 star rating. I recently had a guest cancel his reservation 2 days before arrival (we have a moderate cancellation policy). Air bnb gave me $679 which was half of his payment. Air b... read more
Latest reply by Christine615
hello greetings, I'm here foor the first time and love hear new ideas from the community.
Latest reply by Liv
Is anybody else finding that since Covid you clean more deeply than ever and in irony guests are much more picky? I have noticed this year getting a few 4 stars on cleanliness when I know they were not deserved and in comparison to previous years I always... read more
Latest reply by Christine615
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