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Following @J-Renato0's idea and seeing that many of you enjoy your movie nights (hey, not much else to do these days), we thought it's a good time for another movie game. The following films have succeeded in the test of time. Some were praised by c... read more
GAME: Can you guess the movie?
Latest reply by Michelle53
Hey everyone, Even though many of you have already stepped up your regular cleaning due to COVID, I know that several hosts like to take some time each year to do a more thorough cleaning in order to freshen up their space. Spring cleaning can be a... read more
Have you got any spring cleaning plans?
Latest reply by Emilia42
I have a guest who has been asking for lots of things I don't and can't offer. I hate saying no to guests. It sets off the wrong tone before they even move in. I have offered her full refund since this is clearly not a good match. She is now on the second... read more
Latest reply by Robin4
We received a message from someone concerned about the potential for white nationalists to rent our place next week in Washington, DC. She asked us to carefully vet any guests and consider canceling any suspicious reservation. We're wondering why Airbnb h... read more
Latest reply by Sally221
Hmmm thoughts fellow hosts? Seems guests are looking to go camping and stay with relatives instead. Airbnb CEO says travel never going back to the way it was before pandemic | Reuters Gotta say, Brian looks a wreck, perhaps the penny is dropping? @Ute42... read more
Brian Chesky's Latest Video on Reuters Jan 15
Latest reply by Cathie19
I was directly affected by the cancellation policy of AirBNB for Washington DC in that two week long reservations were cancelled. I had received a general message beforehand that this was going to happen, but nothing about the specific reservations thems... read more
Latest reply by Anthony608
Hello everyone, This is my first post with this community, and I am a very new host! I have had my first last minute cancellation, and I was hoping I could receive some advise on how to handle the refund in this situation. My cancellation policy is moder... read more
Latest reply by Robbie54
Hello Ontario, Canada For us hosts, here is the official Government of Ontario link for Thursdays 28 day Covid Lockdown. Stay healthy everyone https://files.ontario.ca/moh-enhanced-provincewide-shutdown-2021-01-12-v2.pdf
Latest reply by M199
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