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I live in Darwin, in the Top End of Australia. North Australia is expecting a big upcoming Wet Season, as we are currently on a La Nina weather alert (70%). So my heart goes out to my fellow hosts @Gina383 who are currently in the path of Hurricane Sa... read more
Sending positive to all being affected by Hurricane Sally.
Latest reply by Gina383
Have just come out of 6 weeks of re-paving work and now I am into something else! These lounge chairs have been a real hit with guests.....of course they don't belong in a garden, they are not outside chairs, they are lounge chairs, but I built an area ar... read more
I'm a sucker for a project
Latest reply by Quincy
Hi everyone, We haven’t had a game for a while, and I thought this one would be apt: in these times, we’re not travelling so much or so far, but what better opportunity to reminisce on our past adventures and have a bit of fun travelling virtually? ... read more
GAME: Where in the world?
Latest reply by Emilia42
Thank you @Debra300 and @Sarah977 for your kind words. Our fierce little Papillon, Ben Ben, was 16 years old and weighed less than 5 pounds when he died peacefully in his sleep this evening. He was with me and my oldest daughter, his favorite person in ... read more
RIP to a beloved pet
Latest reply by Ann72
"I'm ready - Milky the cat" Hello everyone, I just wanted to let you know that I won't be around on the CC next as I'm moving into my new house! My lovely colleagues @Nick ,@Katie, and @Liv will be here so please reach out to them if you have any q... read more
See you soon! ‌🏖‌
Latest reply by Linda108
Extremely troubling developments for Airbnb in the light of the impending IPO. For several years now, the company has actively and deliberately sought to keep hidden the true scale of the takeover of the platform by professional property managers and comm... read more
Latest reply by Fred13
Hello, I just started hosting last December and for the first time (via Airbnb platform) I have mid term guests. These guests (husband, wife, 3 kids, and dog) have been at my house around 55ish days now. They are paid up until Sept 30th. Here's what ha... read more
Latest reply by Cormac0
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