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Palm grove under the snow in Morocco For everyone who thinks of Morocco as a warm country, you’d be surprised to know that the highest ski resort in Africa is there. It’s hard to believe there would be snow in Morocco, but nevertheless there are several r... read more
[DISCOVER] Morocco, in the snow
Latest reply by Sarah977
We have a cottage that's both suitable for a couple as well as for a larger group if they wish to use the upper floor where the extra sleeping areas are (https://airbnb.com/h/bracken-cottage-at-rock-lily). We're getting occasional bookings for this cottag... read more
We have been back and forth on pricing. Consistent advice here is that we need to raise our nightly price, and have been pushing it up over time. We had a first time user of Airbnb guest give us a 4 on a recent stay---they were not even booked when our pr... read more
Latest reply by Mary996
I need a system that accomplishes the following: a) Send me an alert if door is left open (or ajar) more than X amount of time.b) Automatically lock if and only if the door is closed. c) Option to control with a keypad (so not everyone is forced to downlo... read more
Latest reply by Mary996
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