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Hey everyone, We’re all well aware this year has been rough and that we’ve had quite a few challenges to overcome. However, it is especially when times are hard that we learn to value and appreciate the things that matter most. Since it’s Thanksgiv... read more
What are you thankful for?
Latest reply by Debra300
Hi host buddies, interested to hear your take on the proposed Host Endowment Fund. I've gone through the available info and highlighted a few concerns. Biggie concern is whether or not the Directed Shares Program Offer being made to "selected US hosts" ... read more
Latest reply by Phoenix14
Funny story. I recently hosted some very delightful older ladies for a surprise girls trip birthday. The organizer booked and was brand new to Airbnb. She had lots of questions-- did I have toilet paper? Pillows? Sheets? I think she must have been worried... read more
Latest reply by Lawrene0
I've been a host for several years and in the beginning when I had an issue I only had to contact them and they solved things, but as time progressed things have been taking longer and longer and now they got to the point where even major issues no longer... read more
Latest reply by Sarah977
A few months ago I was staying at an Airbnb overseas when the lockdown was implemented, I suddenly went from being a regular Airbnb guest to a Long Term guest. These are some of the things I learned from my own experience. I hope you find it useful Pros... read more
My husband and I have been noticing trends with our AirBnb guests since the COVID pandemic started:- Guests are booking longer stays- Guests are booking to use our Bnb as their work & live space- Guests are requesting extra services and amenities not in o... read more
Latest reply by Debra300
Hi everyone - new here, but long-term guest and part-time host for a while now.Cannot believe I did not find this treasure trove of insights before!But I did now, so here is my question…Have your guests ever asked you about where you bought a lovely piece... read more
Latest reply by Helen3
Twice this week I had this issue with special offers.The guest clicks on the offer, and the special offer price disappears the higher listing price shows up.They have to click all the way through to the payment page, to see the special offer price again.A... read more
Latest reply by Nick
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