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Guest: I am so and so, attending (local) college, coming to do (something that does not sound plausible) with friends and family. Request is for 1 night, 10 people, no reviews, localMe: Sounds like a really fun night! How many people are you expecting inc... read more
Latest reply by Donatella26
https://www.wired.com/story/its-time-to-talk-about-covid-19-and-surfaces-again/>> It was also a way to show that they were doing something, Morris adds, even if it didn't do much. In July, The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson coined the term “hygiene theater” to... read more
I am so confused! During the summer I live at my lakefront cabin near Yellowstone NP. While living there we rent out our three extra rooms in the cabin. Guests love our place because of the location and because we offer sweet outdoor amenities like kay... read more
Latest reply by Miguel638
5th time I'm posting this and all my previous posts have been deleted. Isn't there just ONE honest host?Why is everybody LYING about cleaning their properties for 20 to 50 hours between guests?I wanted to READ this idiotic policy, Airbnb thanked me for AG... read more
I am wondering how to wear a mask in shared spaces like the kitchen.I host using my spare bedroom and I have 3 young kids at home. We are generallyat home and we eat all 3 meals together in the kitchen. I allow my guests accessto my kitchen. If my family ... read more
Latest reply by Huma0
The IDPH doctor giving our daily Covid-19 briefings became very emotional yesterday, when announcing the rise in case numbers and deaths. For everyone who still thinks their personal liberty is being impacted by mask-wearing, for pities sake, take 5 seco... read more
Latest reply by Anna9170
We had two guests in the last month give us 4s in location. In almost 100 stays now, this has been our fourth "4" in this category. I am always puzzled by this. Can't a guest tell fairly well what sort of location they are booking? If is not described wel... read more
Latest reply by Charles224
So I hosted for my first time It was fine it was slightly strange at first for me having someone in my house especially in older man and I’m 26 year old female. I could tell as soon as he arrived he wanted privacy and it was fairly late we didn’t talk muc... read more
Latest reply by Sarah977
I booked a two night condo stay with my teenage daughter, new 16 year old. I went out our first morning there to get breakfast while my daughter was sleeping. We arrived quite late the night before after an 8 hr drive. I was gone about 30 min. While I w... read more
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