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Hi-- All Airbnb hosts should know that the Security Deposit touted by Airbnb is actually non-existent. It is a mirage constructed by Airbnb for the purpose of making hosts believe they are protected from damage caused by guests, when they are not.1. If y... read more
Latest reply by Ricardo85
Hey everyone, A few Hosts have been experimenting with selling extra amenities and services to guests - apart from the stay itself. This got me thinking and I’m curious to know if any of you have ever tried or thought about doing something similar. ... read more
Do you upsell any extra services?
Hi everyone, As we all know, the high season in most cases is during the summer months, regardless of when that is based on your geographical location. Before that busy period, I can imagine several of you preparing for the many bookings to come, ... read more
While hosting, when do you take your holidays?
My account was suspended today because one guest gave me a fake name.I asked him to tell me his real name. He stopped communicating. He didn't arrive. Then he reported me.Under YOUR rules number 12.1, people must not lie, misrepresent or pretend to be som... read more
Hi- We are new Airbnb owners and have relied on reviews to approve guests. After reading many conversations in this group and reading many reviews, it seems owners are reluctant to give a bad review of a guest. Unfortunately we had a bad rental, one that ... read more
Latest reply by J-Renato0
I have Instant Book on but with the setting that prevents guests with negative reviews from booking instantly. I just had someone with 20 reviews, an average of 5 stars, unable to Instant Book. I noticed in reading the reviews that he has a 4.5 rating fo... read more
Latest reply by Sarah977
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