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Hello everyone, On a rainy evening in Edinburgh, I took the bus to my friend who had just bought his first home a few months ago. Upon my arrival, he asked me to enter the premises quietly. Of course, I said! It was then that he told me that he b... read more
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Latest reply by Michelle1851
Picturesque Pendle and its surrounding villages of Barley, Roughlee, Newchurch, Fence, Blacko and Barrowford all form a network of interesting places to visit with plenty of walking, pubs and history to take in along the way. We have the Pendle Witches tr... read more
[DISCOVER] Pendle, Lancashire
Latest reply by Jane3170
Dear Hosting Community, I am leaving this message because I have just had an excellent experience with AirBnB customer service, one that suggests (I'm an optimist) that AirBnB is paying more attention to hosts. I always call guests a few hours after 6... read more
Latest reply by Daniela1586
For those of us hosting for reasons beyond the income - those wanting to provide an experience as well as a place to stay, this review from today is the perfect illustration. What have guests said about your place that points to the experience? I'm keen t... read more
This is why we do it
Latest reply by Geri26
These are just a few images of Airbnb's twitter page including their own reps condoning guests not leaving on time. On Wednesday this week I had a distressed call from my housekeeper about someone's stuff still being in a condo that was supposed to be tur... read more
Shocking encouragement of guests disregarding checkout day & time
Latest reply by Dale711
I've been an Airbnb host for 3 years and a super host for almost from the start. Guets love my rental and I've had very few difficulties. I received an email from Airbnb stating that I had violated their reviews policy. They claimed one or more of my rev... read more
Latest reply by Sarah977
After 100 plus stays I still can't wrap my head around what is supposed to be a "good" guest with IB star ratings. Here is my confusion. - all reviews are either good or glowing-over 3 stays, stars are at 4 So someone really didn't give them a fully great... read more
Latest reply by Elaine701
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