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Just wanted to update everyone on a case I had open with AirBNB - long story short, a guest booked a stay for late August, well outside of the EC clause (guests booking after March 14th are not eligible) and they cancelled before the EC dates were even ex... read more
Latest reply by Huma0
At Airbnb, we started out with a close working relationship between our employees and hosts. Lots of our best ideas came directly from you, and we’re returning to that type of collaborative partnership that can help make each other better. Today, we... read more
Latest reply by Maida18
Hi everyone, July has already come to an end and here I am again with another recap of our past month together I’ve gathered below just a few of the many interesting discussions we’ve had in the CC in the course of July: @Clara116 hosted the Co... read more
July Round-up
Dear Airbnb team, first of all, I hope every one of you are staying safe through the corona pandemic. Secondly, I wanted to share with you an idea concerning the tragic incident that happened in Lebanon two days ago that damaged many Lebanese houses and l... read more
Latest reply by Ramzi16
I have a handful of guests who knew months ago that they would not be traveling. Mainly cancelled weddings. They waited for EC to be extended. Originally I offered various concession- discounted rates, partial credits for next stays etc but they decided t... read more
Latest reply by Inna22
Recently, I had listed on another conversation some of the differences with listing with Airbnb vs. Booking.com. One item I listed was that Booking had a cancellation policy that worked better for reservations booked several months in advance of the sche... read more
Please rollout the new cancellation policies
Latest reply by Fred13
@Huma0 @Ann72 @Fred13 @Sammy35 ...And all my other wonderful, supportive, clever Airbnb community members: I have a new question. I just listed my Airbnb condo for sale and after one day on the market, I have multiple offers!! Yay!! But I also have Airbn... read more
Latest reply by Huma0
** God forbid is my thoughts and posts might be a bit provocative. We wouldn't want to be a bit provocative here in the forums and make people actually think for themselves right? I'm fine ...just tell airbnb to stop screwing me out of money an... read more
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