New to the forum? Introduce yourself here!

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London, United Kingdom

New to the forum? Introduce yourself here!

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Hi everyone,


Welcome to the Airbnb Community Center. This thread is for introducing yourself to your fellow Airbnb forum members, as well as welcoming and saying hi to newcomers in return, in order to make everyone feel like they belong.


I'm Marjo, and I lead the Community Center staff team who will manage this online forum on a daily basis. You will see me posting here sometimes, along with our other English community staff member @Lizzie, who has just joined as well and will be introducing herself in this thread too - Lizzie will be managing the English community full-time once we launch the forum.


Here's a few additional facts about me:

  1. My favourite city is San Francisco. I spent hours and hours of time there on Google street view for years, until I actually got to visit the city in person recently. Such a friendly and colourful place!
  2. I have 2 cats which probably makes me a bit of a (crazy) cat lady.
  3. I'm originally from Helsinki, Finland.

How about you, any fun facts you want to share? 🙂


I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you so feel free to reply to this thread and say hello!



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London, United Kingdom

**We now have a new introduction discussion, to view click here. We look forward to hearing from you. This topic is closed to new replies. Thank you **


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Vero Beach, FL

Hi all! New host here, also.

My hubs and I Live in a small beautiful town on the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. Most of the 4 kids have moved on to other parts of the world {some keep coming back}. We have spent  the past 15 years working on an acre of tropical jungle surrounding our casa {the jungle may have won}. We have a lovely guest house/Casita...{as we tend to call the whole compound a hacienda} on our property that my Mom lived in and Loved. Sadly she passed away earlier this year.


After much thought,We decided to list it on airbnb instead of rent long term, and did some minor renovations and redecorating. Her beautiful energy seems to be in the house and garden.


 A small 700 sf barn is also seated on the property that I hope to start renovating with the proceeds. That is the dream, anyway.


Our town is a  "seasonal" area from Dec-March...and so the minute I listed it {without very good pics or description} it was booked, and pretty solidly through March. This was equally scary and thrilling. tonight we welcomed our fourth guests. While I listed it in October...I blocked off time until the end of December to get it ready.


This community has been a TERRIFFIC source of education and inspiration, and I truly thank you for that!

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North Carolina, United States

Hi Fellow AirBnBer's!  My name is Denise and I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York and am hosting a home in Greensboro, NC.  I just started in late October 2018 and have been booked basically every weekend!  I'm learning the ropes as I go along.  However, I have been renting apartments as a landlord in Brooklyn, New York for many, many years (yes, I'm a baby Boomer!)  I love to learn and am always looking to improve upon an endeavor I may undertake.  So here I am.... excited to learn from those who have been doing this for a while as well as those who have just begun.


About me:  Married to a wonderfuly support husband.  Have 1 dog (although I previously have 3 when I first moved to NC 10 years ago!).  Love saving organic seeds from my organic garden.  Love helping others and being a good steward over what I have been given.  Avid journaler and piano player.  Just loving and living life as it should be..... peacefully!


Why AirBnB?  Been thinking about doing this for several years, but was working on other projects.  We buy, renovate and rent out homes.  I love to entertain and decorate, so this is a perfect match for me.  I truly enjoy hosting and all that goes along with it!  One thing though, it's important to have a system in place.  I've trained the cleaners from the cleaning company I'm working with and so far they are coming along in doing things the way that I want them done.


Secondly, I'm a communicator (as you can see), so prompt response to a guest's inquiry is important to me as well as going above and beyond to resolve any issue that may come up.  


I strive to contually improve upon anything that I am doing, so this is truly going to be an ongoing process for me of improvements!


We also have a second historic home in Brooklyn, New York which I plan to use 2 rooms for AirBnB as well.  


Wishing everyone much success... but most importantly, enjoy what your're doing.... Hosting is the ultimate in entertaining to me!  Have a Happy New Year.

Hi I'm Aube and new to this forum. I'm hosting in Bekasi, Indonesia.

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New South Wales, Australia

Hi Everyone, 

My name is Lyn and I am from the Central Coast, NSW, Australia.  The Central Coast is approximately 1 hour north of Sydney, a beautiful part of the world to live.  I moved  here from Sydney many years ago, it used to be a very quiet place, but now it is busy, many people commute to Sydney or Newcastle.  I live a 5 minute driveto numerous beautiful beaches, and I live a 2 minute walk to a large lake.


I only started in October 2017 after visiting Airbnbs in England & Italy in the middle of that year.  I listed my booking and had a booking 10 minutes later (I thought "Oh ! I'm not ready yet") , but I managed.  I wasretiredafter visiting many homes on my trip in 2017 and talking with the guests that I realised that I enjoy sharing ideas, travel stories and gaining travel information from people from many different nationalities in this beautiful world we all share.  I became a Superhost in the first 3 months and have been a Superhost 4 times consecutively.  I am the type of person that if I am going to do something  I like to do it well.


I keep good records of my future, current & past guests(from my previous 'life' as a bookkeeper),  I do the cleaning and bed making myself, I pride myself on how I do it, I have a routine that I follow, which I think is a must to do hosting well.  I put a chocolate on each guests pillow and a flower in the guest room, if I have one in bloom.  When I finish the room I double check that I haven't forgotten something -

milk in the fridge, magazines & a couple of books of sayings, poems etc.


  Besides the fridge in their room, I also have teamaking facilities including biscuits, a TV/DVD player (I think probably most B'& Bs' have these.)   I joke as an 'icebreaker' that I do all the work to have the room  ready, but my dog, Sally gets all the attention !!  This really helps, I think, in making guests feel comfortable. As a background in social work, I tend to think I can judge if guests want to interact or just want to do their own thing, but letting them know I am here if they need anything.  I have waffled on a bit here, but I guess this is what this forum is like.


Cheers Lyn

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Glenbrook, Australia

@Lyn100, Well done and welcome to the forums. You are exacltly what one would imagine and hope for in a BnB Host. Good to hear from you.

Regards Christine 

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Rhode Island, US

Hi, I am cavel, I am the owner of a villa in Ocho Rios Jamaica. I am a mother  and a grandmother.  Look forward to sharing my experiences and learning from your group

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Toronto, Canada

Hey Friends,


I am in Toronto, Canada. I just started hosting since November 2018 and I am already very impressed with couple of initial guests. Toronto is a great city. People come here from around the world and also from other cities of the country. They need affordable accommodation. I believe in shared economy and find that Airbnb is a great platform both economically and technologically.


With my house location close to public transit systems (subway and bus); I am hoping to get guests. 


Personally, I work fulltime at a local hospital (5-minute drive) with computers. My wife also works part-time for the same hospital. We have two kids - 15 and 8. One of them is computer-friendly and another is human-friendly. 🙂


I look forward to get connected with Airbnb hosting peers through this community.





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Douglasville, GA

Thanks so much for welcoming me to the world of Super Host.

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North Carolina, United States

Hi Marcia!  I was just in Doublasville about 2 months ago. My close girfriend brother has a house there that is really cute and would be great as an AirBnB!  I would have to talk her into it though!  His house is located right off the interstate...literally!


All the best to you.  How did you become a Super Host and How long did it take?  CONGRATULATIONS!



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Langkawi, Malaysia

Hi everyone,

We started this business since April 2014. Tokman Inn is from my father's name. He fully supports my husband to set up an accommodation service on Langkawi Island. So Tokman Inn is our love for our late father.

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Johnson City, TN



I am in the process of preparing part of my second home for hosting.  Frankly, I am somewhat nervous as I read some of the posts and discussion regarding problems hosts have had with guests, as well as AirBnB. 

My rental is located in a small town in Upper East Tennessee, where we live part time.  When we are not there I want to rent out part of it. Any direction for a newb host would be helpful. 🙂

Hello Everyone

I , Savdas Lakhnotra, have been hosting for four years and love it. Ours is a kind of agro/farm tourism in Sasan Gir(Gujarat, India), the last abode of Asiatic Lion. 

We are a GIR based traditional farmer family employed in farming since many generations, engaged in farming of mangoes, sugarcanes, groundnuts, bananas, grains and vegetables. We have seen the graceful nature very closely and have experienced hardships of nature too.

               The establishment of “HIRAN HOLIDAYS” is made with a motive to provide an opportunity to the people living in city life to enjoy the beauty of pure nature while having the comfort of staying at home. This is reflected in our epigraph home to happiness”. Our guest can also have close look at farm activity.

             The property “HIRAN HOLIDAYS”  stands amidst pleasant farm land, on the bank of river “HIRAN”, the life line of GIR. The place is at the village “BHALCHHEL”, near SASAN GIR. There are four non-AC rooms with attached toilets. The rooms offer relatively clear view of the surrounding. The moments of Sunrise and Sunset makes the stay memorable.

             I am  Super Host airbnb'ner. Beside this I am working as a professor of Mathematics in college of Science at Nadiad,Gujarat(India). I love to travel, read and meet different people of the globe. My favourite city is New York(but I haven't been there yet). My brother helps me to manage all.

             I amfor the very first time here and would like to communicate with you all.

With Lots of love and hoping to have quality time with you all. 

Hello Everyone


                         Me Savdas **from Hiran Holidays, Sasan Gir, Gujarat(India). It is great to be with you all, I like to meet the people from all around the world. Our place 'Hiran Holidays" is right on the bank of river Hiran, the life line of Gir(the last abode of Asiatic Lion). The river merges in to the Arabean. I belong to a GIR based traditional farmer family employed in farming since many generations, engaged in farming of mangoes, sugarcanes, groundnuts, bananas, grains and vegetables. We have seen the graceful nature very closely and have experienced hardships of nature too. 

                        The establishment of “HIRAN HOLIDAYS” is made with a motive to provide an opportunity to the people living in city life to enjoy the beauty of pure nature while having the comfort of staying at home. This is reflected in our epigraph home to happiness”. Our guest can also have close look at farm activity.

                         Since the property is located outside the SASAN town, near the forest border, the guests are often rewarded by sights of wildlife. Occasionally, the main attraction of GIR- the pride of Lions are spotted in the river and if luck favors, guests can comfortably watch them. In addition to this there are myriad of birds – seasonal migratory and resident, can be seen on the farm land. To name a few, Lora, Tickle’s blue fly catcher, white eyes, Fantail, Owlets, Honey Beggared, Paradise fly catcher and many more.

                        I have only four rooms right now for renting and planning to add some more in future. Myself serving as a Professor of Mathematics in college of Science, My brother helps me to manage hosting and looks after guests. Very happy to join you all. Looking forward to meet you all through community centre.


 Savdas **

If anything is missing, please guide me.


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Liverpool, United Kingdom

Hi Everyone of the world,


Greetings from Liverpool, England, home of many many world firsts and of course those four famed lads from down the road (not a fan myself but hey ho) ha ha.  Hope everyone is happy to be a part of this community as I am, it's such a fantastic idea, can't believe I've not long learned about Airbnb - just where have I been all this time exactly! ha ha.  Great site, great people, great idea.  Glad to be a apart of it all.  Bye for now xxxx

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Hanoi, Vietnam

Hi everyone ,


We’re Lien & Khanh , a couple love to travel around the world , from Hanoi, Vietnam . We work in hospitality industry. We’re new hosts in this community. This is our listing :


Please take a look and give me some advices if smt is not ok . And we would love to welcome you to our apartment when you have a trip to Hanoi so please add us . Nice to meet you ,guys . 

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Lexington, KY

Your place looks very nice!  I love the plant pictures with the real plants underneath, very creative!  I have always wanted to come to VietNam, now I know where to stay. I'm in Lexington, KY, "Horse Capital of the World" and have an AirBnB room on my small horse farm.  If you ever come to this area, please stop inl

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Cherry Hill, NJ

I'm not sure, what is the purpose of this inter-communication?  Elaine

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Lincoln City, OR

To get answers from other hosts who may know or share their knowledge to inquiries.  Being surprised by information you had not anticipated needing.

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Tequesta, FL

I am Andrea and we have a lovely little cabin in Waynesville, NC. I am fairly new to being a host and we bought this home specifically to pursue this. I am not as happy as I'd like to be with the volume of bookings generated with AirBNB and hope to learn more to increase that and make a great guest stay. I love what I am doing and love that this is an industry with others that I can communicate with and grow together. 

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