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    Hello everyone, This is a place to find information and general updates about the Community Center, such as guidelines for conversations and how to get started here. This board is closed for new topics, but we welcome your comments. Click on 'Join the C...
    Hello everyone, As some of you may have noticed, our Community Center email notifications have been a little on the quiet side. We are currently working with the platform team to find out why Community Center email notifications are not being delivered ... Latest reply by Stephanie
    Hello everyone, Some of you may be experiencing technical problems trying to log in or the system may log you out. We have located the issue and are working on a fix, but in the meantime there is a workaround you can use to get back to your conversatio... Latest reply by Lizzie
    Hello everybody, As you may have noticed, we have been experiencing an issue impacting the ability to login to the Community Center, today (Nov 20th). We are really sorry you were unable to post during this time. The good news is we got to the bottom ... Latest reply by Rosemarie-and-Henry0
    Hello CC members, new and old. Today marks the fourth anniversary of the launch of the Airbnb Community Center! This year feels like it has flown by and it’s certainly been a busy one. Some of my personal highlights include: Globally we reached 1 m... Latest reply by Sam3555
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    Hello everyone, As mentioned last week, I’m pleased to let you know we have made several updates to help improve the experience with the Community Center unique usernames. Here is an overview of what has been updated: All usernames in the Community ... Latest reply by Rosemarie-and-Henry0
    Hello everyone, It’s now been a few months since we introduced the unique usernames (numbers to the end of your first name) here in the Community Center, to make it easier for you to connect and @ mention each other. Thank you for all the feedback you h... Latest reply by Mike-And-Helen0
    Hello everyone, Many of you may remember in May 2018, hosts and Airbnb staff across the world came together to give back to their local communities, as part of Week for Good 2018. This month, Week for Good is back (23rd -27th Sept) and we would lo... Latest reply by Clara116
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