Air Cover Denial - How can we appeal?

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This has been a very unpleasant experience submitting a claim for broken TV. At first, they provided contradictory info on what I needed to provide. "receipt not required" then required. Written repair receipt documenting issue, then after a "video on us trying t turn on tv and "photos of damage." Then they denied it after all the wasted time and effort.  Without merit. 


The fact is guest was here for a long stay, and when checking out, we noticed the tv was not working.


Airbnb refused to pay a claim even though we provided documentation that the LED screen was broken and the unit needed to be replaced at $700,


"The decision from your Support Ambassador is upheld by our Host Damage Protection Terms in the following parts:

“Covered Losses” means and is limited to:

(i) Direct physical loss or physical damage to a Host’s Covered Property caused by the Responsible Guest or an Invitee of the Responsible Guest during an Airbnb stay.

III. Limitations and Exclusions

The Host Damage Protection pays Covered Losses only and does not pay for any of the following (“Excluded Losses”😞

Ordinary Wear and Tear."


I had a lovely and expensive tv that was a part of the guest experience and worked when the guest checked in and according to the guest, went out while she operating it after a week.


It is ‘Direct physical loss” that was documented by a licensed repairman and was caused by the guest when she attempted operation of the tv and therefore was “caused by the Responsible Guest”. Even if not intentional. The policy does not state it needed to be intentional. I cannot state the exact cause or reason the screen went out, and they cannot either therefore they should pay this claim as the facts are it happened while the guest was here and this cannot be disputed.


The guest has stated this is what occurred, the documentation described the damage and the need for replacement.


What is the next recourse when they refuse to pay valid claims? Where can this appealed? 


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Re: Air Cover Denial - How can we appeal?

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i would hate so much that this situation happens to me 😰


Do you have an AirBNB Ticket in which @Emilie could  help you with ?


good luck


Re: Air Cover Denial - How can we appeal?

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@Deborah121 Was the TV physically broken or did it just stop working? I think unless there is a big crack in the screen then Airbnb are probably being fair in assuming the TV just failed which would not be a covered event under Aircover.

Re: Air Cover Denial - How can we appeal?

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@Deborah121  I suspect  you would have needed the repair person to write up a ticket that said the TV didn't work due to something specific that the guest did wrong to cause it to break. 

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