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Allow us to add a pet fee! It's more cleaning time when a pet stays and more risk also!



Response from Airbnb

This is a great suggestion and matches our thinking on ways to give hosts more flexibility in offering services. We are actively working on a solution to enable hosts to include individual charges for special services, such as extra cleaning for guests with pets or other features of a listing that may require more effort from the host. We will have more to share on this in the first part of 2018.


In the meantime, you do have the ability to request additional funds from your guests after their reservation is confirmed. From the reservation page, click “Send or Request Money” and indicate the amount of your pet fee. This will send the request directly to your guest so that payment can be processed through Airbnb. Be sure to include a mention of your pet fee in your listing description, as well as a follow-up message directly to the guest, so they know why you are sending the money request.


We rely on your input for improving Airbnb and take these suggestions in Host Voice very seriously, so please keep the great ideas coming.


Jenna15 in
Orcutt, CA
Level 2

Please add pet fee for all the reasons already stated. Collecting the fee as an extra guest is not really accurate plus hosts have to instruct the guest to do that which can be confusing.

Andrea352 in
Morehead City, NC
Level 2

I was allowing pets and asking guests to crate them and keep them off the furniture.  It has become very obvious most people don't do this.  I've decided to not allow them anymore.  


Pet stays do require additional cleaning.  I was charging a fee by not allowing pet stays to use instant book.  I would then send them a 'special rate' with my normal rate plus a pet fee.  It was annoying to have to do this with each guest.  But, it allowed me to screen the types of pet and number of them, which was good.  

Nicole144 in
Las Cruces, NM
Level 1

Please add a way for us to charge just a pet fee!

Sean66 in
Arlington, VA
Level 1

Concur.  Add a pet fee.

Dennise Ann in
Twain Harte, CA
Level 2

I currently allow dogs.  Since I am not being notified on how many and what kind of dogs, I am seriously considering not allowing pets.  The number of guests is required why not require number and type of pets.  Also I agree with the pet fee.  

Alice & Jeff in
Durham, NC
Level 10

The way to do this is today is through the Resolution Center.  Make sure you have it in your listing that there is a pet fee.  When they book, you use the center to request that fee - in advance!  

If you don't want guests just showing up with their pooch, make sure you have a House Rule that says it's a no-no.  We vett every dog/owner before saying yes because a 10-year-old toy poodle is a much different dog than a 2-year-old St. Bernard. We charge our fee based on how much extra clean up we think there is going to be and how responsible we determine the owners are for their dog's behavior.  

Ours says:

* DOGS: Please do not instant book if you plan on bringing your dog. We charge an additional fee for your pet's overnight accommodations that you must agree to in advance.  We cannot commit to dog-sitting so unattended dogs must be crated. 

Lisa302 in
Aurora, OR
Level 1

Anybody else irritated that they can't actually contact Airbnb in person? I know it's really cool to be all internet based but I find it really frustrating when it comes to trouble shooting things like a pet fee. I don't want to charge all my guests the same amount as someone who brings a pet so how do I ad a seperate fee for dog owners? They say you can put it in the information on your house that they are allowed but how do we charge them for it seperately? Is there a secret button somewhere for additional charges? I'd like to see a pet fee added since travelling with dogs has become so popular? Do you think Airbnb actually reads these "Community" blogs?

Administrator in
San Francisco, CA
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Alex254 in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 2

I agree! I also can't figure out how to turn OFF "pets allowed" on my listing.

Jodie13 in
Woolacombe, United Kingdom
Level 1

Wheres the Add Pet fee. Hairs everywhere takes more time to clean!

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