Show Our Overall Rating To The Hundredth Percent

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Now that the Superhost Status is dictated by the overall rating I think we should see in our progress the overall rating out to the hundredth percentage point. With so many reviews mine hasn't moved in months from 4.8 but it doesn't tell me if I'm 4.81 or 4.89 and this is critical for us to react and make changes so we can maintain or achieve our superhost status. It's the same for someone trying to reach it. They should be able to be encouraged watching theirs go from 4.71 to .74 .77 .79 and know they are closing in, or be alerted if they see it going doing. The current tenth decimal point limitation is wholly inadequate now imo.

Kraków, Poland
Level 10



Airbnb doesn’t do mathematics well…


Daylesford, Australia
Level 10

It is a good idea as it reduces the surprise and possible suspense for hosts who keep tabs. No longer a sudden change, you can see it coming a mile off. Maybe something to introduce simultaneously with the coming Superhost criteria changes?

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