We need much better email controls


We need much better email controls

I need better email controls, 


1) I want an email i can have pre filled out to give all the info and rules the day before check in. So the guest understand my house rules ahead of time. This would be extrewamly useful for so many reasons as a host. We can really do our job better with this. I have a basic set of rules for all my places i would love to let them know ahead of time these rules. 


2) the email you guys send me for a new guest a few days before check in is worthless to me, i need to be able to set when i am sent this. I am sure each host is different so let us pick how much notice we need. I need 24 hour notice. I am so busy with life and other job a 24 hour notice would 100% make for a better guest intereactiopn. Sending me out a few days ahead of time dose nothing for me. i merly delete it and forget about it. If it was 24 hours it would be a really great reminder so i could jump on making sure the place is ready. 

3) a pre set check out email. This one would be a HUGE help. I need to send out 24 hours before check out a pre set rules for check out. So many times i miss sending this out in time and have the guest not leave the place as they should when they leave. I have this posted on the walls of my places, but it dose not work well. An email pre set up to go out 24 hours with check out info would be really great. I would have such a better experence with my guest if this was in play. 

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Why can't you do this yourself? There is now way you can have these pre-set to go out automatically without some customisation. I also list on VRBO where they have a number of pre-set responses but I always need to customize them.

I also email to each confirmed guest a Wecome Pack, some 8 pages of advice, recommendations and rules. And finally, I meet all my guests at checkin and ensure all rules are explained - not that there are many - and discuss the procedure for check out. Most of my guests have been well-behaved, have been meticulous in looking after the property andrespecting all the T & C's. It sounds to me as though you want to hand over hosting to a computer!

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@Mike225:  You made smile this morning.  Excuse my sarcasm, but I do believe you are dead-serious with your requests.  May I politely suggest you read your post again with readers here in mind.  It may make you smile too.  As a Host, you do bear responsibilities for operating your own business.  You do understand that, right?  I just felt that someone needed to bring you some reality this morning, and I volunteered to point out how ridiculous your post reads.  Have a great New 2018!

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You so not understand automation. We can automate basic tasks. I used to code for web sites, this is super easy to do. We are sent these email now but not at the time needed. You are making me smile now because yes we run buiness and yes we want to run them as best as we can and if automation can be used to make them more effectien then it should be. I would rather spent my time making the guest experence better then having to be reminded on the wrong days whne guest are checking in. We use automation to make our lives easier this is no exseption. Not sure why this is funny, if i can get better reviews by being better informed at the right time it makes all of us look better. FYI I used to have 10 airbnbs i dropepd down to 2 some times 4 as its too hard to keep track of it all. A better automated system could change this for me. So why you may not need this when you run 10 to 15 airbnbs this can be very useful.