We want our home descriptions back!

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20 likes of a topic gets Lizzie to actually read it.  We all want our home descriptions back. We have lost all personality with this change.


SO folks, please like this and pass it around.  The subject is on a couple of boards, but not enough individual likes to work.

Mirjam0 in
Amsterdam, NL
Level 10

If  you mean the Listing Name? Yes!  I would like  to have that back!

Carol160 in
Petaluma, CA
Level 1

Yes I agree!

Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10

Good going! Now send it around or repost link in another discussion you are following.

Grace16 in
Los Angeles, CA
Level 2

Yes. I like having a title that describes my property. Please add it back.

Rainey0 in
Colorado, United States
Level 2

Absolutely would love the listing title back.

 However, I think more important is the new formatting in the description. It's absolutely horrendous. Looks like bad web design from 15 years ago.  No lines between paragraphs, words scrunched together, bad font...


At first I thought it was a design bug, but it's been like this for well over a week. 


Someone needs to be fired in their design department. 


What were they thinking?


Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10

@Rainey0. I havent seen the format change...will look now, but the listing description can exactly pinpoint your location and type of accomodation without reading thruough the whole listing....it is the personality of the listing.

what were they thinking, they werent they just keep changing things that work.

Nina69 in
Santa Rosa Beach, FL
Level 2

That is ridiculous,  it must be a mistake, hellllooooo airbnb are you listening????

Sandra126 in
Daylesford, AU
Level 10

Amy, it is not Lizzie who gets to read it. She is the moderator of the site, basically just makes sure we are not abusive to each other and so on. In order to be escalated to Popular, you need quite a few ticks and quickly, and if you manage not to get archived for lack of popularity you will need tonnes more ticks to be escalated another level. THEN someone will read and hopefully consider.

So, because this suggestion is now appearing several times but none of the suggestions have that many ticks yet (bear in mind the whole world does not see what we see yet, limited but spreading) and I ask that you scroll down and tick ALL these suggestions about missing names and host pics. If I could merge them I would, as the effort is wasted if each suggestion gets a few only. Get ticking!

Amy38 in
Nashville, TN
Level 10

@Sandra126. Well I have cut and pasted my post to a couple of active conversation, apologized for the "spam" aand asked people to go to my post and like it.  I am old and this is a rather big chore for me so would appreciate some help in that.The change may not be universal but is world wide...found out about it from a farflung post.  Australia? Dont remember


Maybe Lizzie can merge them.  This is not a small silly gripe. My description locates my neighborhood and saves guests who want the area a lot of time searching.


The Nashville listings do not have neighborhood option except for the airport and some church I have never heard of in a part of town few tourists would want to stay in.

Dede0 in
Austin, TX
Level 10

@Rainey0 and others -- Until AirBnB fixes the fomatting glitches (in particular, the lack of a blank line between paragraphs), you can remedy that particular problem yourself. Go into each "field" (text box) in your listing's writeup and type a single blank space at the start of each blank line between paragraphs. That will cause the viewers' version of your listing to show blank lines between your paragraphs. I don't think it will have any deleterious effect (such as double blank lines) even after AirBnB fixes the spacing issue.

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