Washer & Dryer Recommendations?

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Hello Airbnb hosts! 


We are looking to replace our old washer and dryer. I'd like to get a stackable set, and there's so many choices out there, I don't know where to start. I want the set (dryer especially) to be very efficient, and be able to handle a large load. We sometimes have 4 sets of sheets and 8 towels to wash, and it would be ideal to be able to do it all in 2 loads.


Does anyone have a recommendation of a set that they LOVE? 


Thank you so much!

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Re: Washer & Dryer Recommendations?

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I’m just adding an F for follow. Currently still using a domestic washer that’s 8 years old and have to take my big comforters to the laundromat. 😉 

Re: Washer & Dryer Recommendations?

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Are you looking to save time, or energy?


Someone with a new set will chime in, I'm sure. My own set is over 20 years old, so I've recently been researching new ones in anticipation of replacing them shortly.


My conclusion is that I'm far better off with the ones I have! They are Whirlpool Commercial Capacity W/D, made in USA. They have minimal electronics, top loading washer, and are only now starting to show signs of rust (which I can fix myself). There are many reports of newer machines rusting within the first year or two. The rust is caused by using metal construction that doesn't resist corrosion from bleach. 


If you're looking for a stackable set, that means a front loading washer, and my understanding is these present many problems with mildew. They also don't appear to support very high capacity loads. Additionally, you cannot open these washers to add more items once you've started a load.


Even the newer top-loaders apparently lock the lid so you can't easily make changes, and many don't allow you to choose your water temperature--- that is determined by the computer. This is apparently one way they support their energy-efficiency claims, by making it really difficult to use HOT water. As a host, hot water is an absolute MUST for me, so this is a deal breaker. (I refuse to use sheets or towels that require cold water.... but that's another post entirely).


All things considered, I'm not seeing any clear benefit to upgrading, myself. I'll probably keep these machines forever using OEM parts from ebay if necessary.




Re: Washer & Dryer Recommendations?

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Good question @Michelle-and-Adam0, it can be quite overwhelming when there as so many different versions out there. 

Just checking have you seen @Ria16 and @Dee33's reply here?





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Re: Washer & Dryer Recommendations?

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I just run HOT lines to both valves. Now it has no choice but to be hot, lol.

Re: Washer & Dryer Recommendations?

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Any answers? I am looking for the same thing 😞

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