Cancellation rate

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Newland, NC

Cancellation rate

Does anyone know what a typical cancellation rate should be? Cancellations by guest that is. I'm just curious how we compare. Thanks,

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England, United Kingdom

@Joe2862 I think it depends on your cancellation policy. Ours is Strict so we don't get cancellations as guests would lose money. If your policy is Flexible then I suspect the rate will be much higher as guests can take advantage of the flexibility and look for alternative last minute bargains or just not come if the weather forecast is bad.

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


My cancellation rate is very low. No guest even cancelled this year (but had 3 guests asked -and granted- for shortening the stay).

I have a very short setting for  "availablity window", so people can not book on the long term.


I see your cancellation policy is "moderate"

Maybe change to "firm" to protect yourself from to much cancellations:

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