I’m really thinking about hosting

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But I keep going back and fourth with the same question which is so I and my family stay in my house or do we leave?  I mean I want to start out with just a weekend end kind of thing but I have a large family and pets so I know I would probably stay but would my children be comfortable? Then I am only looking to host females simple because my household is a house full of ladies please shed some light on this for me

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Re: I’m really thinking about hosting

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A  napadlo vás,že by to mohlo být i obráceně? Že vaše děti mohou rušit hosty a oni se nebudou cítit dobře?

Re: I’m really thinking about hosting

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@Kizzy5  Kids tend to be more resilient than we are, my grandkids love doing the meet and greet with guests

Only one way to find out if it works for your family, list a room and accept a booking. 

So guests know what to expect, make sure you describe your situation, pets, kids etc and come back with any questions, we have lots of nice people on the forum who will try and point you in the right direction.


Be brave, take one step at a time & don't let it stress you out,  being a host is very enjoyable 99% of the time.



Your new listing needs tons more info and photo's @Kizzy5 

Re: I’m really thinking about hosting

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Yes, they do.  Thank you for the reply...

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