How to send a Direct Message: A CC Tutorial

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Hi all,


Next up in our series of CC Tutorials (all Tutorials are collected in this thread) - sending Direct Messages! Some of you may not be aware of this feature but it's a great way of speaking to other hosts (or admins) in a more private way :).


The Direct Messaging system is set up to allow Hosts to message other Hosts and any Community Members to message Admins (and vice versa) - so as with most features, you need to make sure you are logged in first!


There are 3 ways that you can send a Direct Message to someone in the Community Center:


Method 1


Step 1: When on the Homepage/in a board/in a thread, hover over the recipient's profile picture and click on the 'Send message' button. You will find this works best if you move your mouse up over the picture to then click on the button as it pops up - if you move your mouse down or across the pop up box can disappear.


Send message method 1.png


Step 2: You will now see a pop up where you can simply write your message and click 'Send'! Please note - you will not be able to click on the 'Send' button unless you have something in the 'Subject' box as well as the main message box so don't forget to include it!


Send message method 1 step 2.png



Method 2


Step 1: If you clicked on 'View profile' on the pop up box shown above because you wanted to look at someone's profile, you can send a message to them from here too. Simply click on the turquoise 'Send message' button in the top right hand corner.


Send message method 2.png


Step 2: You will see the exact same pop up window as in Step 2 of Method 1 above, so follow the same instructions!



Method 3


Step 1: The final method involves you going to your CC Inbox (see this CC tutorial to see how to access your inbox). When in your Inbox, you will see the button 'New Message' in the top right hand corner - click there.


Send message method 3.png



Step 2: You will now see the form below. This layout is different to the previous two, as you haven't yet identified who you are sending the message to. You need to do so by typing the recipient's name in the '*Send to' box - Community Members with that name will appear in a drop-down list. Scroll down to find the person you want to send it to (you can use their profile picture to identify them) and click on their name.


Send message method 3 step 2.png


Step 3: Give the message a subject in the 'Message subject' box, type your message in the main box, click 'Send Message' and you're done!



Tip: When you've finished writing your message, it's worth highlighting it all and copying it (right-click+copy/ cmd+C / ctrl+C) before pressing send, just in case something prevents it from sending (e.g. you're not logged in, it times out) - if that happens then you can go back and paste (right-click+paste/ cmd+V / ctrl+V) and send it again!


So as you can see there are various ways you can send a message to another Community Member - you may find Method 1 the easiest way but you can experiment!


Please let me know below if you have any questions about this!




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Re: How to send a Direct Message: A CC Tutorial

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Re: How to send a Direct Message: A CC Tutorial

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Hello everyone, 


Due to the changes we've made here in the Community Center, we have now created an updated version of this tutorial and moved it to the Tips & Tutorials board. 


Click here to see the updated version of this tutorial. 


I am going to close this thread to new replies.




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