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Hello everyone,


As we now have a dedicated board to highlight the fantastic tips and tutorials created by members of our community here in the Community Center, I thought it would be useful to create a post which will act a little like a directory, to make it easier to find the guide and information you are looking for.


I would like to thank @Dave-and-Deb0@Clare0 and @Jeet0 for creating these wonderful tutorials so that the whole community can benefit from them. If you have been inspired to create a guide and feel this should be included on this board, this is great news. Please feel free to mention me in your post or send me a Direct Message (there is a guide on how to do this below!).


Handy information:

Contact Airbnb by Dave & Deb

All About Reviews by Dave & Deb 

Searching for your Instant Book listing by Clare 


Airbnb Account Preferences (ie. how to update settings, add a cleaning fee, change check-in times...):

Adding a Cleaning Fee by Dave & Deb 

Adding a Security Deposit by Dave & Deb 

Blocking Off Unavailable Date by Dave & Deb

Breakdown of Airbnb Guest Fee by Dave & Deb 

Change Price, Number of Guests, Check-in/out Dates by Dave & Deb

Charging Extra Fees for Services by Dave & Deb 

Changing Check-in/out Times by Dave & Deb

Delete A Listing(Deactivate) by Dave & Deb

Delete Your Airbnb Account by Dave & Deb 

Extra Guest Fee by Dave & Deb 

How Much Does A Guest Pay by Dave & Deb

Payments: How Do They Work by Dave & Deb 

Preparation Time: A Community Help Guide by Dave & Deb 

Protect Your Airbnb Account - Two Settings You Should Enable by Dave & Deb

References by Dave & Deb (New)

Removing a special offer discount by Dave & Deb

Reservation "Inquiry" or "Request" - What's the Difference? by Dave & Deb  

Advanced Notice Settings / Same-Day Requests by Dave & Deb 

Setting A Rate For Weekly/Monthly by Dave & Deb

Setting A Discount for Weekly/Monthly by Dave & Deb

Setting Minimum and Maximum Night Stay by Dave & Deb

Setting Price on Calendar for Single or Set of Days by Dave & Deb

Snooze A Listing by Dave & Deb

Special Offers: A Community Help Guide by Dave & Deb

Syncing Airbnb Calendar and Google Calendar by Dave & Deb

Requesting Money using the Resolution Center by Dave & Deb

Sending Money using the Resolution Center by Dave & Deb

Unlist Your Listing by Dave & Deb

Weekend Pricing by Dave & Deb 

Wrong Price Showing for my Listing by Dave & Deb


Community Center:

What is the Community Center and how to get started? (video created by Jeet)

How to start a conversation in the Community Center?

How to use your Community Profile?

How to use your Community Inbox?

Community Center Settings by Dave & Deb

How to send a Direct Message? 

How to edit your post?

How to mention someone? 

How to add a signature? 

How to mark posts as a most helpful answer? 

How to find your latest answers?

How to report inappropriate content?

How to say 'Thank you' in the Community Center?

How to add photos to a post?

How to use the 'Join conversation and Reply' features?

How to use the 'Search' feature?

How to use your notification feed?



Tips to come soon.... 🙂



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