Bath tub vs Jacuzzi tub

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Bath tub vs Jacuzzi tub

Hi there! I am going to be remodeling my Airbnb bathroom in the near future. I am debating whether I go with  a bath tub with no jets but deep enough for full body immersion or a jacuzzi tub with jets. 

What I am curious about in particular if hosts feel strongly one way or another about the cleaning of a tub with jets as well as the longevity of the control mechanisms. Also, do you think one adds significant demand over another? 

I would love suggestions on specific brands and models that other hosts have found to be durable and easy to clean. I am also open to stand alone tubs that have accessibility features too if there’s a good one to consider.

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I don't have in my rental  but do in my personal bathroom.  The biggest expense is a deep tub.  I included the jets and warners on mine but one of my deciding factors was house value if ever sold. 

A deeper  tub does create  a higher water expense so  not all buyers want that added expense if no jets.

Also deep tubs with jets about 10 minutes after I drain my tub iit does an automatic self  cleaning of the jets.

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I did a search in our community and found some conversations where Hosts are discussing similar topics. While they may not provide a direct comparison between bathtubs and Jacuzzi tubs, they offer some valuable insights on both. You can check them out here.


I hope you find this helpful.



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