Best cleaning equipment for cleaning up after pet fur/hair

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Saratoga Springs, NY

Best cleaning equipment for cleaning up after pet fur/hair

Hi there everyone!


We allow pets at a few of our listings. sometimes the cleaning is easy and hardly noticeable. sometimes, its a nightmare of fur in crevice's that we did not know we had (a little over dramatic, but you get the idea).


What are the best tools you have found to clean up after pets quickly and efficiently? I want to enable my cleaners as best as I can so they are not needing to spend loads of extra time if there is a pet involved with a booking.

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Zagreb, Croatia

I have a dog at home.

Put on rubber gloves and moisten them with water. Then run a gloved hand over the upholstered furniture to collect the hairs. Throw them away or vacuum them up.

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Puryear, TN

We also allow pets in our rental--it is all hardwood floors so that helps with the cleaning! I prefer a shop vac--the smaller ones have a lot of suction and are easy to maneuver. My husband actually thought I was crazy until he used it and then he agree with me. I also completely agree with a lint roller. We have always had pets in our home so we have lots of experience with the cleaning required--lol!

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England, United Kingdom

a powerful vacuum cleaner often does the job, however I found out that in deep/ through cleaning nothing works better than a damp cloth/ mop/ sponge etc. for pet-hair

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Rawai, Thailand



Buy a small ozone machine for getting rid of the smell, Must have for any Host,


We have here, ELECTROSTATIC DUST CLOTH, The brand we have here is Farcent we have a wet cloth and a dry cloth, Im told 3M also make one,

Obviously no good on carpets here we have all ceramic tile floors and laminated floor, 

I do have our own laundry you can imagine the dust perfect for that, 

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Hay Valley, Australia

@Tony1512  welcome to the CC. 🐾

We have cats and dogs and my fave tools for cleaning up hairs off furniture or carpet are:
* pet brushes (those spiky metal ones, and the large round deshedder are the 2 we use)
* rubber brushes or squegee also works well on stairs and carpet, sounds odd, works a treat!

* sticky roller


following that a strong vacuum (stick vacuums are great but sadly not strong enough)
and we love our bissell wet/dry vac for stains and smells, and i'm looking at getting their upright wet vac, people rave about it.
Also I love the enzyme based sprays that are for urine, they work fast. Vinegar is good too but can take more time which won't work for cleaners with time constraints. 

looking forward to reading other tips as anything that works fast and well is good to know about. 

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