Cleaning/linen Service London

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London, United Kingdom

Cleaning/linen Service London

I am a superhost with a lot of bookings which I normally manage myself. Most are in June and July this summer, most are same-day turnovers I am looking for a company who can organise cleaning the flat, and replace the bed linen/towels ready for the next guests to move in (probably linen hire?). I don't want a full management package. I will be out of the country and would need someone 100% reliable I can trust to do an excellent job also I retain my 5 star reviews. Does anyone have any suggestions for a London based agency or person who will to do this?

Thanks x

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Bristol, United Kingdom

There are lots of cleaning companies in London offering this service have you tried asking on the London host group/your local area group on FB?


if you are not going to be around I'd also suggest you need a local cohost . @Clare594 

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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Clare594 , have you managed to find a reliable cleaning service near you or explored local cleaning companies as Helen suggested?


I'm also inviting some experienced Hosts who participated in the Community discussions earlier, if they could help us with some cleaning service recommendations based on their own experience : @Phil-And-Aquilla0 @Jessica3885 @Stuart474 @Maxine66 @Alexandra2120 . Looking forward to their tips 🌻



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