Critique my listing

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Critique my listing

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Hi @Angelina294 👋


I hope you're well, and congrats for making your first post on the Community Center! 🎉


I just wanted to let you know I had added a picture as well as adding a link to your listing, so other Hosts can more easily find it, spot it, and share some feedback with you on it. I hope that's ok! 🤗



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I think your place beautiful and totally  set up for who you want to attract.  It was good you approved the short stay,  displays that you will and will give you positive reviews which the longer term gusts ae looking for when they are looking.   I  mostly do long term contract worker and I am a brain picker lol.  Contract employment is very  moving.  I have had a 30 day rental sent home after 10 days and a 10 day rental extended to 160 days. very fluid market.  My guests recommended I include in my listing flexibility.  I  always make a business decision so no I didn't just give a refund to the gentleman sent home but I was able to rebook some of the days, so I sent him through Airbnb probably half his money.  Or the 10 day that turned into 4 months.  He did extensions about 5 times which I accepted.  Again business decision if I received another guest request for soon and he hadn't extended yet, I  just informed him Airbnb requires I respond in  24 hours  so he had to decide quickly if he wanted to extend.  So contract employees are renting on quality but flexibility with their ever moving schedule.

Also before you get slapped haha remove the picture with your phone number against the rules

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Looks great love the pic.  Only question is I noticed your calendar doesn’t go out that far.  Is it booked?  If not you might want to offer more dates! Welcome to Airbnb hosting! It’s a blast 

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I’m not sure if you have it when someone books, but an online guest guide is well worth the effort. You can load it up with everything, and hopefully it’ll reduce having to answer the same questions over and over.

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Hello @Angelina294 ,

Congratulations on your beautiful place! I have a few suggestions to enhance its attractiveness:

  1. Bright-Colored Flower Planters: Consider placing some bright-colored flower planters on the porch or near the sides of the stairs.

  2. Backyard Furniture: Add more patio furniture to the backyard. A firepit with chairs around it and some lawn games would be great additions.

  3. Inviting Dining Room: Place soft-looking cushions or pillows on the black dining room chairs to make them more inviting.

  4. Dining Table Setup: Set up a dining table with plates and glasses. Instead of the large, tall vases, opt for a lower vase with fruit. An area rug would also add warmth to the room.

  5. Nook Table Decor: Avoid a huge vase on a small nook table. Instead, consider placing a few cups of coffee and a plate with cookies for an inviting photo.

  6. Kitchen Countertop: Swap the beach-white flowers on the kitchen countertop for something more colorful to add interest.

  7. Dedicated Working Area: Adding a dedicated working area can attract guests who work remotely and book longer stays.

Overall, the house looks great!


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Hi @Angelina294 ,


Welcome to the Airbnb community! I took a look at your listing, and you've done an excellent job. Here are a few suggestions based on my experience that might help you enhance your listing even further:


Cancellation Policy.
Consider reviewing and setting a more flexible cancellation policy. This can attract more guests, especially those who are planning last-minute trips or are uncertain about their plans.


Minimum Stays.
Currently, you have a minimum stay of three nights. Consider changing this to one night, at least initially, to attract more bookings and increase your reviews. As your listing gains more reviews and credibility, you can adjust this setting based on demand.


Additional Rules.
Review and consider adding some additional rules to your listing. Clear rules can help set expectations and ensure a smooth experience for both you and your guests. You can check out the rules on this listing for some ideas:


Consider adding more places to your guidebook and categorizing them. This makes it easier for guests to find activities and places of interest. You can check out this guidebook for inspiration and see what you can add based on your listing and area:[]=/guidebooks/5730331


Best of luck, and welcome to the community! I wish you the greatest success.