Hosts in Accra

Hosts in Accra

Hi, I'm new to hosting in Accra, Ghana. I would like to join any local club. I can't seem to find any hosts in Accra. It would be nice to have experienced hosts here in Ghana to advise. Kindly reply if you are one. Thank you

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Prampram, Ghana

Hello Mercy nice to meet u here.... solomon is my name .... Am also a host in prampram... We can be friends and link up ....

Hello Mercy I am Eric and I host guest at cantonment, east legon and Osu. I would like to connect with you so we can share guest and information together.

**[Contact details removed - Community Center Guidelines] that’s my contact 

Hi Eric, I’m James. I also host in Cantonment, I would very much like to link up so we share ideas and guests.


let me know if you’re interested so we start. 

Yes sure...

hi am tony,am a new host in east legon

Good afternoon All, I am new host in Accra and want to know the check out procedure of Guest regarding payment , will he pay online in APP and confirm ?

Hi host in Adjiringanor

North East Legon

Good afternoon Muhammad, I am Eric a host in Accra. The best way to solve is either by taking physical cash from guest  or when there is a late check you can request for payment on the app from the client…thank you 

  1. Thank you 
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Accra, Ghana

I m a new host and would like to make friends here that can groom me . I host at Gbawe and Dansoman 

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Accra, Ghana

Hi I am Prince and I’m a new Host here. I host in Airport Residential, Cantonments, Trasacco, East Legon and Adjiriganor.

I would like to connect with other hosts here too 

Hi host in Adjiringanor

North East Legon 

Hello good afternoon....

I'm Eric host in cantonment and Airport residential too. Nice to meet you 

Hello, my name is Lord, I host is Osu, East Legon, Spintex and Sakumono.

I will be honored to get connected with other hosts in Accra to share experience.