How Adding plants to the listings helps!

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Port Severn, Canada

How Adding plants to the listings helps!

#WorldCleanupDay: Having plants in your listing is attractive, supports cleaner air, and significantly reduces dust in your listing. Plants also show a commitment to the environment, which may make your guests feel good.


Jennifer: Indoor plants are important for the overall ambiance of a listing. Often as an Airbnb Host Ambassador, I am asked for that extra something to help new hosts improve their listing and get more bookings. In every circumstance, be it a basement apartment or a multi-room cottage, I encourage plants. Greenery means cleaner air, it just is something universal that means the air in our listing is cleaner, we are engaged in our listing, because healthy watered plants mean you are around more. But most importantly, plants make a house a home.

I could go on about the sustainability of plants, but I will stop at only offering a few tips that I follow : 


  1. Buy your plants small and watch them grow. You can get plants for as low as $2.99 at hardware stores.
  2. Vote for the underdog. Take the plant that needs a little more love. If you are committed, you will be rewarded.
  3. Get your pots and supplies for your plants from discount stores like Value Village, or Talize. Upcycle and repurpose.
  4. Anything can be a pot to propagate a plant cutting or supporting a new plant. 
  5. Go get a spider plant. You cannot kill this, and they will reward you with new plants you can propagate in a jar to grow your collection… or jungle!


It is said, every tree you plant outside is the equivalent of offsetting 1000 pounds of food waste. And indoor plants can help with that equation too.


Be careful of plants that may be harmful for dogs or other pets. If you suspect or google your new plant and find out it is harmful to dogs/pets, either don’t buy it or place the pot out of reach of them. Note : Poinsettias are harmful to animals. 


Felicity : Adding Indoor plants to a listing can add a sense of calmness to the listing, help purify the air and make up for a welcoming experience. With a wide range of landscapes and weather conditions around the world it is important to choose plants that suit our environment. Many guests look out for activities and ways to immerse themselves in nature and many will appreciate us offering local plants for them to enjoy while being in our listing.  We try to choose a variety of plants for outdoor areas that are local, as they are more suitable to the conditions. In many parts of the world, what we choose to plant in our surroundings, not only looks beautiful but also goes on to give us shade and absorb heat. Do you plant local species that guests can go on to use in cooking? The experience of trying fresh local indigenous herbs can be a wonderful local experience.

I think , plants, shrubs, trees and gardens are an asset to your listing because:

  • They reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Improve your aesthetics of the listing.
  • Clean the air both inside and out. 


Do you have plants in your listings? Would you like to share with us :

  • What is your favorite plant?
  • Show us a picture of your jungle?
  • Do you have any local herbs for guests to use?
  • Are there any special gadgets you use to support your plants in your listing?

We would love to hear from you what you think about making your listings green!


Jennifer Schnier
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New York, NY


 We love plants and have a lot of them at our AirBnB villa

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Yomitan, Nakagami District, Japan

I am a gardener, so I have flowers and fruit trees in my garden.
I serve the fruit I pick to my guests.










When plants are on the listings, butterflies and birds entertain our guests. They help us!

They are very good co-hosts.


I believe that a garden is a condensation of the local climate.
I want my guests to enjoy the area, so taking care of the garden is a must! 




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Adelaide, Australia

Wow Rie your garden looks amazing 

Host Advisory Board Member
Manly, Australia

HI @Rie9 


How wonderful to see the plants that your guests enjoy.  Lovely to meet your co hosts!  

Host Advisory Board Member
Port Severn, Canada

Coming for the dragon fruit!!!

Jennifer Schnier

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