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Adding our rental to Kayak?

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Jeffery, what exactly is your question/statement?

Are you looking for advice on adding a Kayak as an amenity to your property listings??


If that is what you are asking my advice would be.......be careful.


Anything of yours that a guest can use beyond the perimeter of your property, that is, in public space, can render you liable for any mishap as a consequence of that use!

Same as pushbikes, mopeds, jetskis, scooters, rollerblades.


On your property paying guests will be covered by your public liability insurance....assuming you have such as part of your property insurance! But that coverage does not apply once the guest leaves your property, and even the signing of a damage waiver will not necessarily stand up in a court of law. It can be argued that the 'article' was not kept in a fit state of repair for public use! 


A nice hosting gesture Jeffery, but not one that I would ever allow!





Thank you for the response. 



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Hello Jeffery, did you mean using the travel website Kayak to promote your property? 







(Info for everyone)


I signed up with Booking.com and Expedia, took a while to get it done, but pretty easy to do. Go onsite at Booking.com and simply read the home page and you will see where it says list your property. Expedia is partnered with Airbnb; you have to go into your account and enable the Expedia option.