[Poll] How do you manage laundry for towels and linens for your listing?

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Toronto, Canada

[Poll] How do you manage laundry for towels and linens for your listing?

Hey everyone!

Let us talk about laundry and linens today! We all know that one of the challenges while managing a listing can be maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of linens and towels for your guests. As Hosts, everyone may have a different approach to this crucial aspect of hospitality.

I'm curious about how you handle cleaning the towels and linens in your listings. Do you prefer using professional laundry services, or do you take care of it yourself? We would love to hear your insights and experiences below! 🧺




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I rent out a mountain farm with sleeping accomodation for 10 people. 

I have bought A HUGE AMOUNT of linen & towells and ask guest to remove them in big trash bags and leave them in the laundry room in the basement - so I dont have to stress to have them washed for the next guests if I dont have time - as I have SOO many. 



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Phoenicia, NY

I said "Others" because while we wash them ourselves, we use the machines in our home which while on the property is not part of the listing. We have multiples of everything and our machines are of the large commercial size.


First thing we do is strip the beds and grab the towels then wash all of them while we clean the unit.

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Bellevue, WA

Hi! We wash our linens as our suite is attached to the side of our house.  I’ve played around with washing in the unit versus our larger higher capacity one in our home and have found out for stains, it’s better to use the stain remover and wash it in our washer as it handles it better.


I have three sets of bedding, 2 sets of duvet covers with shams, 6 sets of towels, and 3 rugs. I started with two sets of everything and four sets of towels but have expanded because of some mishaps (ink on a duvet cover, a stain that didn’t come out, bleach on my duvet cover, makeup on pillows (I don’t use bleach).  I also have 4 bamboo pillow covers and a mattress cover too.

Initially I didn’t realize my oversized pillows had a hidden zipper so instead of spraying them with HOCL and drying them for sanitizing or washing them completely (and taking forever to dry), I now change the covers.  I learned my lesson when someone with makeup left a stain on my oversized pillows and didn’t tell me. 

I can turn over a place faster if I do all the towels and sheets at our place and I also don’t have to leave the washer door open to dry out. I still take about 2.5-3 hours to clean between guests though.  I’ve been told it’s excessive by my partner for a 330SF space but we do have an oven and that takes a while to clean when guests bake or deep fry on the stove top (and don’t wipe up). 

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Swannanoa, NC



I have three sets of towels and linens so that I or my housekeeper can accomplish a quick changeover and remove stained or torn items without stressing about replacements.


The bathroom towels, living room throw pillow covers and kitchen linens are washed onsite during housekeeping.  Three washer and dryer loads over three hours.  8 sets of towels.  


The bedroom linens (2 beds -- sheets, duvet covers, pillow cases, duvet inserts, mattress covers) are taken off site and washed at either my home or by my housekeeper at her home.  We both have access to the alternate sets, so we can do the laundry as time permits and bring it back for the next changeover.


Unscented laundry products are used for washing and drying.  Extra rinses for bleach loads.  

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Baltimore, MD

I use the w/d at the property. I really need to get a better dryer. That is definitely the bottleneck.

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Bolton, MA

We have full size washer and Dryer in each unit and most are 2 bedroom with 2 beds so laundry isn't terribly crazy.  It is definitely what takes the most time during the cleaning.  I would love to have laundry service, it just seems that it would be too many plates in the air trying to coordinate pick up and drop off for 6 units.  

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St. Louis, MO

I have a duplex with a washer and dryer on each side. So have no problem taking care of the laundry with two washers and two dryers. I used to buy expensive detergent and bleach but found out the dollar store ($1.25) brand works and smells good. Typically detergent and bleach will cost me around 10$ a month per side. 


First thing I do is start the linens on one side and the towels on the other side, then blankets last. Cleaning of the units happen while laundry is going. 

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Indianapolis, IN

I wash the towels myself at the home but take the sheets to a nearby laundromat where they wash, fold and separate the sheet sets by size and return them to me clean. I like to do the towels myself because I want them to smell a certain way and to stay white. 


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Amarillo, TX

First thing I do is start the laundry. It washes while I clean. When it’s in the dryer I start the second load. I usually go to lunch then and finish cleaning when the second load is in the dryer. 

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Washington, DC

I wash all the towels and linens upstairs with our own machines, which are bigger that the ones in the apartment on the lower level.  I try to always have one or two extra sets of everything ready to go, so same day turnovers are easier.  Keeping things white is certainly a challenge!  Darker face cloths for removing make-up has helped.

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Finley, OK

I have a washer and dryer at my rental and will usually use the washer & dryer there for towels. If it’s an extra big load, I will wash extras at my home across the road. 

having extra towels and sheets makes for a quick turn around too. 

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Wentzville, MO

I have at least 3 full sets I just rotate. So I launder at home and then return clean to unit there are times when they are still hot from dryer when they go on but others when I have them on hand plus. Hope this may help ya.

Good luck



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Savannah, GA

We live upstairs from our Airbnb apartment, so we use our own washer and dryer, as the ones in the apartment are smaller size and not able to handle heavy towels and sheets.

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Bismarck, ND

We have 3 listings on AirBnB, and to save some hassle we bought identical bed sets for all of the beds. We also have  at least two extra sets per bed so if were ever in a pinch we have extras on hand to quickly swap out. We also have 40-50 towels in storage as well. Since me & the cohost do all our own AirBnB laundry this gives us time to do the laundry and not be so rushed.

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Hejls, Denmark

I'm a new host and I actually wondered about the right way.

My conclusion is that I could easily wash it every 3'th guest I have. However that will only work untill i get a guest with cleaning OCD 🤪

There is nothing worse than a review saying "dirty beds"... So I wash them every time.

To save electricity I buy 4-6 spare linens.

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Huskisson, Australia

@Bhumika we wash all our linen at home. If 2 people staying 3 loads. 3-4 people 6 loads. We try to fresh air drying 90% of the time.

The dryer is only used for bathroom towels, washers and hand towels for 10 minutes to fluff them up. The odd times dryer is used for wet days for more than 2 days.

Quilts are dry cleaned 4 times a year.

All sheets, pillow cases and single bed quilt covers are ironed.

We have a minimum 2 night stay.

Yes,it takes time to be the washer women and I need to pay myself once in a while. Love of the job doesn't go far enough.

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Elliot, South Africa

Because we are so far situated from any towns, we do our laundry ourselves with washer and dryers. 

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Pasadena, CA

I wash and dry them after each stay.  If they are ripped or stained, then I toss them out and replenish them with new towels and linens.  

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Angier, NC

Since I have 5 units with multiple beds, and we also provide towels and washcloths, we can have a massive amount of laundry. If it gets to be too much for the washer and dryer on-property, we take it to a local coin-op laundry mat. We're currently working on adding another washer and dryer to help us be more self-sufficient with laundry and spending less on the laundry mat. During the summer busy season, we'd spend upwards of $250-$300 a month on quarters alone!

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Springfield, PA

We live very nearby. We pick up and wash ourselves at our house. All linens and towels you may say are “professionally washed at our house”