Smart locks

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Smart locks

I wonder if anyone can help, we are setting up an airbnb and I am looking at Smart Locks, I feel these will be more secure, especially as the airbnb is attached to our home, as it'll mean guests can't take keys away with them. 


I am looking at the Ultion Nuki Pro 4 and the Loqed smart locks.


Does anyone have any experience of these, and advice would be very gratefully received. 



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@Christopher1939  Smart locks like Ultion Nuki Pro 4 and Loqed offer great security for Airbnb properties, especially when attached to your home, by preventing guests from taking keys. Both models are reputable; Ultion is known for its integration with smart home systems, while Loqed offers keyless convenience. For managing access and enhancing your hosting experience, you can also consider tools like Console. Console centralizes control over guest access, energy, and safety, streamlining operations seamlessly. It empowers hosts with real-time management capabilities, subtly enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.

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Christchurch, United Kingdom

Thank you @Lodge102 , I have sourced all this information from my research. 


What I am really looking for is a UK airbnb host that actually uses smart locks effectively and can share their experience. 


It seems we are a long way behind the curve in the UK compared to the US for example where August is a popular lock and several smart locks link directly with airbnb listings.

Not something that airbnb in the UK offer. 


One of the issues is a lot of the US locks aren't appropriate for UK doors, primarily deadbolt based. There are not that many smart locks that operate with multi point lever locks that are common in the UK. 


The best 3 I can identify are Loqed, Ultion Nuki and Yale Conexis L2 

They all have pros and cons

I'm favouring the Nuki as you can have a blue tooth linked key pad for those that don't want to download an app for a virtual key, cards and fobs and also still retain a key option that you can put in a key safe for the 'everything else has failed belt and braces entry option'. 


Do UK airbnb hosts use smart locks or is there something that i'm missing that makes it not practical? 


Thanks everyone

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Hey there @Christopher1939 👋


If you head to the top of the page and type 'smart locks' or similar in there, it brings up an entire search of the Community Center where lots of Hosts have given their reviews on technology such as this. 


I hope this helps you finding a solution for your space/listing. 

Rebecca 🌟




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