Switching from personal account to business account

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Switching from personal account to business account

We are 2 individual super hosts wanting to expand our Airbnb presence.  We want to start our Airbnb rental company.  Since we both have a personal account, are we able to switch a business account?  Does any host have experience in switching from personal to business account?  Do we have to open a new separate account under our new business name? 

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Hi @Joe2330 . From my understand, You didn’t have to chang from a personal account to business account. What you can do if you prefer to put your logo in your account is enter this page https://www.airbnb.com/users/25773620/listings


* Number is your account number and you can add logo and header on your own page.

Tried this link and it says "page not found". Is there any further guidance on this? Wondering the same...

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You could use the search function on the Airbnb Help website @Allie309