Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

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Port Severn, Canada

Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning

#WorldCleanupDay“Be mindful of the chemicals you use in your home. They can be harmful to both guests and the environment.” 

Jennifer: I have observed an increasing number of companies that are inventing smaller packaging solutions to produce cleaning products. Nowadays, I can see tablets that can be placed in containers with instructions to add just the right amount of water. This usually helps decrease the storage space required in our listings and cupboards of cleaning supplies.

If I expect or want to support my guests to keep the listing clean, I make sure that the products provided are readily available (but still out of reach of children).

A few other things I ensure are : 

  • The supply containers are full
  • Cleaning clothes are handy
  • There are no harmful chemicals that could accidentally harm the guest or my listing

This change doesn't happen overnight, it takes a lot of conscious effort from my side. I don’t usually throw out the items but rather be fiscally smart and when a refill is needed, look for solutions with a sustainable lens with less packaging. 




Felicity: We all want to be clean, but we also know that there are many cleaning products that have chemicals in them that are not good for us and, in some cases, may have serious impacts on our health. I’ve noticed that In many cases it is possible to find natural cleaning products that do a great job at cleaning. Such products do not have harmful chemicals or toxins that can mix into our water system. 


There are now wide ranges of refillable cleaning products, available in many refill stores. I usually minimize waste by avoiding buying new containers and using refill pouches. Some stores will offer a ‘refill on the spot’ option or a ‘container swap program’. I’ve seen that concentrated products cut down on transport emissions and packaging. 

Some Handy Tips for Eco-friendly cleaning : 


  • Consider the type of cleaning products used especially if you have a septic, as harsh chemicals can kill your systems. 
  • Using environmentally friendly products means fewer harmful products that can be accidentally found by children.
  • Reducing the use of chemicals in tubs and on counters reduces exposure that guests can have on their skin. 

We would love to hear what our Community Hosts think about eco-friendly cleaning?

  1. What are your go to eco-friendly cleaning products?
  2. Are there some cleaning habits that you would like to share?
  3. What is your favorite cleaning secret?

Let us know as we invite you to join the conversation.

This post is co-authored by Host Advisory Board members Felicity from Australia and Jennifer from Canada.The article is written based on our own personal experiences and opinions as a sustainable Host. Learn more about the Host Advisory Board.

Jennifer Schnier
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Host Advisory Board Member
Adelaide, Australia

Sometimes I do my own cleaning jobs in my listings and always feel sick when using the product with chemicals. Therefore, I don’t want my guests feel sick too, so I try to buy the product offering refills and are safe, ethical , sustainable cleaning product.

Host Advisory Board Member
Port Severn, Canada

I agree.


it’s those guests that cannot speak for themselves be it children, the elderly or those with disabilities.


putting faith in the host that the chemicals used are safe and not harmful invokes trust when everyone can have a nice experience.

Jennifer Schnier