Windows must have curtains/blinds?

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Windows must have curtains/blinds?

I am new to being an Airbnb Host. Someone who has been a host for a long time told me that every single windows in my house need to install curtains/blinds? Is this a real Airbnb rule? I tried looking online to find this rule but I couldn’t find any related guidelines. 

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@Cindy1603 I don't think it is a rule but common sense dictates all bedroom windows and many others will need blinds/curtains.

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Hello @Cindy1603 


Guests value their privacy, and curtains help prevent outsiders from looking into the property. :Heavy curtains can help dampen outside noise, providing a quieter and more relaxing environment for guests.  Curtains offer guests the ability to control the amount of light and visibility, catering to individual preferences.



Good question!  It totally depends on your location,  imho.


For example - We have no curtains, at all.


We are in the wilderness with our nearest neighbor a mile away. No one can see into our house unless they are airborne, like the birds who fly past us regularly.


Our house is all glass, what we call a "fishbowl" and there is total privacy between our part of the house and the guest wing. We are a dark sky location, where we love seeing stars, planets and the Milky Way. Sunrises and sunsets are amazing here. If a guest wants blackout conditions, they need to choose a different location.


If you are in an urban situation where privacy is an issue, you might consider window coverings where important. 


Our guests come here for the experience of "being outdoors" even while in the house. If your situation is at all like ours, definitely use it as an advantage for guests who will love it. 


I hope this is helpful.

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You can do whatever you'd like. But be warned that some guests will comment in the review on the lack on blinds as a negative factor. If there is one thing my guests love, it is checking in and immediately closing all the blinds. 

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Guests will complain if you don't have block out curtains

When I bought my condo, it had vertical blinds (which I despise). I added a nice rod and hung black-out curtains in the bedroom. Then once I could afford them. I took down the vertical blinds and hung made- to order linen light-diffusing pull down shades. Which are very nice and modern. 

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Hi Cindy, I do think that if you have a view a sheer is always nice in the living areas and block out for bedrooms so guests can sleep in. Blinds are usually better in bathrooms. 

This is just my recipe 🇿🇦

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One thing I learn in hosting guest in our property is to diversify and make your property as flexible as it could be because the general rule is you cannot please everybody. The best you can do is to expand the flexibility of the property to meet the preference of diverse kind of people.


In our case, we tried to make things available and ask the guest their preference upon their booking and make necessary adjustments before they check in. This is why we block a day before and a day after each guest bookings.


Our property is 3 rooms but we only advertise it as 2 rooms. The 3rd room we use for storage of the things that will not be use in specific booking. So, in your question, if my guest does not like curtain or blinds, we remove it. it is detachable not fixed installation. If the next guest want it, we refixed it. But generally speaking, it is better to have it fixed and remove it only upon guest request. Most people will not be bother by it especially if they have control of opening or closing it.


We also have thick and thin blanket on storage, guest can use which they prefer.


In my opinion, the more flexible your property is, the risk of not providing what your guest likes will decrease. But take note, it decreases, not eliminate. On worst case, if you happen to come across unreasonable people, all bets are off.


Good luck!  

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I’ve had only one guest complain about no curtains, which completely surprised me. They are below ground windows, completely private, small, and do not change the available light. I got curtains for them right away anyway, and I can remove them. No more complaints!



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Its a must where I live to be licenced 

I have blinds in bedrooms, curtains in living areas. But my kitchen currently has had blinds removed due to recent painting. I haven't re-installed them and thinking about leaving it so people can see the view better. But we are a rural property on a hill so no one can look in.

But you definitely need at a minimum, some privacy/black out blinds preferable in bedrooms.

ps blinds/curtains are great for insulation as well but maybe you are in a climate that doesn't need to worry about that

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yes in our quest house chillers we have curtains around the doors and windows for privacy

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Hi @Cindy1603 👋


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