Managing reservations made simpler

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Managing reservations made simpler

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You’ve told us that managing reservations from home or on the go could be easier and more consistent. As we did with changes to your reservations list, we’ve listened to your feedback, studied hosts’ concerns raised with the community-support team, and run research studies to understand how we could improve your experience. Here’s a sneak peek of upcoming changes built on your input.


Consistent information wherever you go

Soon, whether you’re managing reservations on the Airbnb app or website, you’ll have the same set of reservation details available. What’s more, anywhere you see a reservation—in your calendar, the message thread, your dashboard, or your reservations list—you’ll be able to take action right from that screen, which means it will be faster and more efficient for you to handle each reservation.




More details about reservations and guests

We’re giving you more specific information about the status of each reservation. And you’ll also get more details about the guest associated with each reservation without having to click into their profile. You’ll know how long they’ve been on Airbnb, what languages they speak, and if they’re a host like you, so you can make confident booking decisions and interact with your guests efficiently and quickly, all from one screen.


More payment details

You’ve told us that you wanted your expected payout dates to be even more visible. Numerous hosts called our  community support team about this, so we made sure payout dates were easier to find. We’ve added a link to your transaction history and expected payout dates alongside every reservation.


Answers to your frequently asked questions, right where you need them

By studying the types of questions that come up most often for inquiries and reservations, we’ve been able to anticipate what answers might be most helpful to you based on the reservation you’re currently managing. We’ve added links to reservation-specific FAQs at the bottom of every reservation so you can get the information you need, when you need it.


More consistent tools and views

Previously, if you had Instant Book turned on for a listing, you could only hold dates when you pre-approved a guest on the website. Now you can do so in the app too. And the private notes feature, which was previously available only in the calendar, is now available anywhere you see a reservation.


All these improvements are coming your way in the next few months, and we hope they help make quick work of managing your reservations. Thanks to all the hosts who gave us feedback and joined focus groups. Let us know what you think of these changes and others you’d like to see.

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Level 2
Oslo, Norway

Great - but you need to show the number of guests in the calendar synced with my phone! Vital information, and extremely annoying having to check that info manually.

Level 2
Oslo, Norway

Now they’ve added it, at least in the Airbnb app calendar itself.


Level 1
Los Angeles, CA

This is definitely not easier, it would be great if it was still possible to calculate how much the airbnb fees and taxes are so that if the guest offers a negotiated price, it's easy to figure it out. Also the recent changes to the guest reviews make it impossible to tell where the guest stayed, which means you have to go back into the calendar to figure it out. Not sure I understand the thinking behind removing all the pertinent information.

Level 2
Spokane, WA

Whoever is doing this is not aware of how people navigate websights easily.

It would be nice if dates were included when you send confirmation of a change to a current reservation. 

It seems you add one fix on top of another and then everything is lost. You need to erase coding, start over and simplify; there are way too many "Fixes" going on that don't seem to fix things. It seems you're trying to accomplish too much while not keeping your big money people - your hosts and their ease of use -- in the forefront of your coding mind. 

Level 1
Tirana, Albania

Hello! Why is airbnb charging in reservations less than my already-set minimum price on Smart Pricing? It is reducing up to 3$ and that is a lot considering I am hosting at a cheap price.

Level 3
Fontaine, France

NOTHING to do with co-hosts and things I read al the long, its a comment on the changes, as asked.


The "SPECIAL OFFER" option doesn't calculate any more!  Entering the alternative dates of MY proposal to a guest's request for information. Doesn't work either when selecting an alternative room. Just disappeared. I have to start excel or my hand calculator AND to simulate on the website, opening a new window, as being a "traveller" and putting dates in my own property. What a non sense! sorry I have to say this is absolutely dumb. Webmasters of AirBnB, please repair this function. Thanks!

PLease make the site lighter, lighter, LIGHTER. I had to acquire another computer to get the pages loaded. I have ultraspeed network and the loading time is still horrible, even with the new computer. My almost new smartphone starts to block also. Thanks twice. Do it quick!


Level 1
Toronto, Canada

Previously there was a way of knowing how many verified forms of ID the guests had , including if they had any photo ID . If I am inviting people into my home, I feel more comfortable knowing that they have photo ID (even if I don't see it until after the confirmation ). Can this be corrected?

Taking out the mini calendar view is a horrible change. Now I have to click on the View Calendar, wait for the page to load, and it doesn't identify the reservation in the main calendar view. Would rather have the old view back because it had the calendar.

Level 2
Spokane, WA

These changes are not making the experience easier. People cannot successfull navigate the site. It is not user friendly!

When a company updates their website it is unprofessional to do it it such a way that the users are confused. You ought not launch a revision untill all the bugs are worked out and it is proven user friendly. Since you started updating this site it has been a nightmare of confusion, my guests are reporting difficulties  navigating, links work off and on, bookings are messed up and repeatedly guests cannot figure out how to change a booking. I have called customer service over the past 30 days so many times I have lost count. I have spent over 10 hour on the phone with you getting things straightened out. My guests arrive confused and frustrated.


Granted some of the issues were my inability to find the solution on the edit page. I make mistakes and miss things. So do everyone else! This difficulty navigating a complicated website occurs. Here is an example...
The website suddently started to refuse to allow two people to book in my room. It has always been allowing more that one person to book. All of a sudden I started being told by guests that they could only book one person when they wanted to book 2. I lost one booking because of this. I went into check to see if I could correct the issue. The site asks how many beds, I put 2 thinking that would work, nope. I looked and looked for a place to change 'The Accomodations' nope not there. I called customer service and they helped me find 'Number of Guest'. This is an issue in navigating. You must use the same terminology in addressing the same issue. One page said 'Accomoations 1'. I went into edit to change the 'Accomodations' to 2. There is not link in the edit to change the 'Accomodations'. In edit it says 'Number of Guests'. You need to use the same terminology on both pages to make it user friendly, either 'Accomodations' or 'Number of Guests'. Seems silly but this little consistency makes the site much much easier to navigate!


Please restore the easy straightforward method being used before the changes that were supposed to make it easier!

Thanks Don

Level 2
Athens, Greece

I woud like to see the calendar as in the past

Level 1
Bucharest, Romania

Give a friend or neighbor you can help, but NIMEN does NOT offer them for free ...


Level 1
Amsterdam, Netherlands

I saw that the opportunity to make an standarized check in information sheet that you said automatically to the guests three days in advance, is only possible via the app and not via the website. It is so much easier to make such a document on the computer instead of the phone.

The new post is good.  Unfortunately,  I couldn't get the information on where the guest is coming from.  I mean the country name.  

Level 1
Wales, United Kingdom

Over all the site and service is realy great. Both guests and hosts are well supported.


But am I right in thinking guests have clearer access to phoning me rather than messaging? I'm suddenly getting more calls and it takes up a lot of time. Messages mean I have a very useful record of what has been agreed.


Level 2
United Kingdom

Is there a way of combining calendars for more than one listing, for example, different colours for the different accommodations we host, all in one calendar? Thanks

Level 1
Edmonton, Canada

I like the changes. I especially like having the phone number handy from everywhere.

My charge per night is €100. I cannot understand how you offer me a 3 night stay for €243. That's not even x80 per night. My first guests got 20% reduction but that was last week! Please explain. 

Thank you for the change.  It is an improvement to have the oppurtnity to accept or decline a reservation in ipad and mobil. Also better to see my earning.  


Level 3
Albuquerque, NM

I've been asking AIrbnb to allow me to charge for extra guests AND FOR PETS for 3 years now. With every change... I hope they will... and NOPE they don't seem to be listening.  Since Airbnb asks and wants to ensure that ALL payments go through them, they should include pet fee's in their template instead of forcing me to collect directly from the guest.  Ay?